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NORTH TEXAS – Big thanks to North Texas – for turning out for Kidd’s Kidds Giveback Day on Tuesday.

Raising Cane’s locations donated 15% of their proceeds to Kidd’s Kids, the organization that sends families of kids with life-altering conditions to Disney World for an all expense paid vacation.

“Raising Cane’s has been a great stopping place for us to encourage people to come in and make their donations, and then they’ve been really sweet to us by giving us a place to tell the families that they’re going on the trip that they’re always so excited about, Caroline Kraddick said while visiting one of the Raising Cane’s locations.

You can find stories of these incredible families on CW33’s Kidd’s Kids page and find out more about how you can help by visiting Kidd’s Kids.

And make sure to tune in Saturday, June 23 for a Kidd’s Kids special, where you can see all the fun families had on this year’s Teen Trip to Disney World.

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