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The late Kidd Kraddick founded Kidd’s Kids in 1991.  The organization continues to change the lives of children with life-altering conditions by taking them to Disney World — and this year marks the second Kidd’s Kids Teen Trip!

For Caroline Kraddick, Kidd’s Kids has always been a part of her life. But last year, she launched a Kidd’s Kids Teen Trip and this year she surprised more families with the trip of a lifetime.

 “We’re so excited. We got to tell four teenagers that they were going to Disney World today, and none of them had any idea, which we were kind of shocked about, because usually they have an inkling. But most of them didn’t know their paren   ts even applied,” Caroline said.

 A total of 14 teenagers will be going on the trip, and 14-year-old Michael Rodriguez, a leukemia survivor, confirms he had no idea he would be one of them.

I didn’t know at all,” Michael said.

For Caroline, the teen’s trip is unique because it gives her and the other Kidd’s Kids volunteers a chance to really bond with the kids. “It’s a smaller group, so we know the teenagers a lot more, we get to spend more time with them.  On the regular Kidd’s Kids trip, we only get four days, and on the teen trip we get to spend a week with them.  We really get to know all the families,” Caroline said.

The trip is all expenses paid; from the food to the transportation, everything is taken care of for the teen and their entire family. “I’ve never been on a plane so it will be my first time,” Michael said.

Flying on a plane is fun, but Michael is also looking forward to riding a few rides and, according to Caroline, spending time with her. 

To meet all the teens going on this year’s trip and to get involved, visit

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