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Summer for college students usually involves internships, going back come, lounging, or some combination of those.

Alex Quian and Brady Boyd decided to make the summer of 2019 different, and also make it mean something.

“When we were talking about our summer plans for 2019” says Quian, “we both realized we did not want to sit at home…do the things we would normally do,”

Alex Quian & Brady Boyd

And so, 30 Days of Service was born.

Quian, Boyd, and other volunteers will complete an act of community engagement and service in Dallas-Fort Worth everyday for the month of July.

Boyd says “It’s very important to Alex and I…service is something that we’re very passionate about.”

The two got to know each other through their mutual mentor, Greg Weatherford II. Weatherford is a seasoned entrepreneur and veteran of the service non-profit space. He was also crucial and nudging the two to lead the project.

After discussing their desire to do something different, it was Weatherford who suggested the 30 Days of Service initiative.

The trio has also managed to build and recruit local leaders as an advisory board to help guide their journey, featuring members from Top Golf, UNT – Dallas, Minnie’s Food Pantry, LST Marketing, Edward Jones, and Pathways to Success Training Co.

30 Days of Service Advisory Board

For Quian and Boyd, 30 Days of Service isn’t just about the acts themselves. It’s about helping to inspire others into action when it seems like any effort is a mere drop in the bucket.

The problem, they say, is that people want to serve in their community, but they think only the big stuff is what makes a difference.

“Many people our age wanted to give back, but they sometimes just didn’t know how” says Quian, “there was this idea that in order to do something worthwhile, you had to do something that was world changing.”

The point of 30 Days of Service, however, is to show that it’s the seemingly little things that really make change in a community.

“We really want to show kids and people that…just the simple things of serving are great” says Boyd.

These 30 days will be busy for Quian and Boyd, but it’s only the beginning.

After the project is complete, they plan on compiling a how-to book, short documentary, and podcast in order to share their journey and give other youth a template they can replicate in their own communities.

At CW33 we’re all about doing good, having fun, and making positive change in DFW. Naturally, we loved the idea 30 Days of Service and will be following Alex and Brady for the entire month of July.

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