Will Wally Become Kid Flash? We Got A New But Old Flash Villain In Shade And Savitar Brings More Speed….Again

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

Joe West and Central City DA Cecile Horton have their first date. Wally dreams of becoming the Kid-Flash – literally. And Flash debuts not one, but two new rogues!

Which brings me to this week’s Flashpoints

The Shade of it All

Flash debuts a classic Flash villain the Shade, who has the ability to manipulate shadows.

Shade’s been around since near the very beginning, having fought both Jay Garrick – Flash and Barry Allen.

But this episode was more freak of the week with no back story or origin for this character of importance to the Flash Universe.

Want to learn more about the Shade though? It’s happening right now in the comics! Flash #10! Plus Wally’s in it as Kid-Flash too!

Oh God, Speed?

Our end of episode fight between CCPD SWAT, Joe West, Wally, Flash and Dr. Alchemy and his disciples reveals our second Flash rogue Savitar!

Savitar is a hindu god of motion. Which Savitar himself confirms by calling himself the God of Speed.

This is the fourth Flash villain with speed as a super-power. Come on producers, I’m certain Savitar is going to be fun, but speed villains are getting repetitive!

Bait and Cocoon?

As expected Wally’s dreams of being Kid-Flash lead to Dr. Alchemy promising him those abilities and our Flash team uses Wally as bait to lay a trap for Dr Alchemy.

But as the battle unfolds, Wally grabs Dr. Alchemy’s philosopher stone and cocoons.

Is Wally going to turn to a husk? Is Wally going to become Kid-Flash? Or is something new in store.

Our next episode preview though came somewhat out of nowhere! We spent a lot of time this episode with Caitlyn coming to terms her possible Killer persona but our preview seems to that head on.

No obvious resolution with Savitar, because our next episode of Flash is titled “Killer Frost”.

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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