The Flash season 4 finale: Barry faces off with The Thinker, and a new speedster arrives!

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Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s the season finale "We Are The Flash!"! Is the Thinker going to win in his plan to wipe out the intelligence of all of humanity using his dark matter satellites? Maybe? Which leads me to this week's Flashpoints!

Power Within

It's the eleventh hour and Iris pulls a rabbit out of her hat and surprise! It's Marlize Devoe!

And Marlize's plan? Send Barry into Clifford Devoe's mind using Cecile's telepathy. Once there Barry must appeal to the good in Clifford to overcome the evil. 10 year old me was Go Barry Go! You can do it! And adult me was like uh - okay.

Did I mention Barry must sit in the thinkers chair and Cecile must wear the cerebral inhibitor? More action figures to buy.

But uh-oh Cecile contractions could sever the link trapping Barry in Clifford's mind. And as Clifford tells the Flash Squad, he's never wanted to kill the Flash because the Flash's powers over the speed force would give Clifford power over time itself

It was hella cool that once discovered by Clifford, Marlize pocket dimension hops half of STARS labs a couple of times.

Matrix Reloaded

Perhaps the nicest twist involves Ralph Dibny. Once inside Clifford's color tone washed mind, Barry is pursued by retro-Devoe in his creepy chair: from Dark Matter Meta Bus to the Devoe House to the Devoe's first picnic.

Until Barry finds... Ralph! After a few missteps, Barry realizes they'll never find the good Devoe because Ralph is the good! It is Ralph's body after all so it logically makes sense that Ralph must regain control. But to do that Ralph and Barry must battle a legion of Devoes in a sequence reminiscent of the Matrix!

Back in the real world Devoe morphs back into Ralph and just in time too as Devoe was about to kill Cecile. With Devoe's Killg%re powers no longer in control of the satellite, Marlize hits the kill switch ending the threat of the dark matter wave.

But ah-ah-ah like all good villains, Devoe gets one more jump back on our heroes as Clifford's chair lights up - technological reincarnation as it were until Marlize deactivates the chair

We are family

Did you really think that was it? We still have one mystery to reveal. And we get there via the last crashing satellites that will destroy Central City with Dark Matter.

While Cisco and Ralph rescue central city citizens in its path, Barry charges his sonic punch, a hit that will surely kill him on impact. Unless.... another speedster joins the punch. And it's Nora West-Allen! Our mystery girl from all season!

During Cecile and Joe's welcome home the hospital Nora reveals herself. She's wearing Iris Flash's purple and white jacket to boot! I had mentioned that in the comics Barry and Iris had two twins Dawn and Don the tornado twins. But in this twist their daughter is Nora probably named after Barry's mom Nora. And she warns us "she's made a big mistake."

We know Flashes have a complicated history with time. Did Nora screw up the timeline? It's out season four cliffhanger.

One final Flashpoint: After having most of his intelligence restored by Marlize, Harry Wells says goodbye to the Flash squad to return to Jessie on Earth two. Either by death or by choice, a version of Harrison Wells exits the end of every season. I can't wait to see which Harry we get next season.

What a wild race this season with the Flash! I'm still rooting for a season long rogues gallery so check back with me and CW33 for all the secrets and spoilers and when Flash season five hits this fall!

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