The Flash S03 E16: The Speed Force battle, Jessie owns HR and the first appearance of the Music Meister

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Hey Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

In this episode it's Barry versus the Speed Force and Jessie Quick versus Savitar!

Wally is trapped in the Speed Force and it’s up to Barry to rescue him. Into the Speed Force dimension he goes!

We get returning guest stars as the Speed Force whips up versions of Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond, a Time Wraith, a zombified Zoom, Leonard Snart and Jay Garrick.

No, wait! That’s not a Speed Force Jay Garrick! It’s the real Jay Garrick!

Flashpoint: one the characters I just mentioned may return for the season finale.

In a desperate moment with Zoom, Barry sacrifices his lifeline to the outside world, tipping off Cisco and the Flash Squad that things have gone awry. Later, Jay reveals that Cisco then vibed to Earth-3 and sent Jay into the speed force to rescue Barry and Wally.

Jay takes Wally’s place so that Barry and Wally can leave as the Speed Force demands a speedster to remain in what’s become some of sort Speed Force jail. Jay tells Barry to come rescue him once he’s defeated Savitar.

With Flash occupied during the Speed Force battles and Jessie still in Central City, she takes on Savitar alone and discovers that he is mortal! She's able to wound Savitar with a piece of his armor that Barry cut off in the previous episode, sending him fleeing.

A highlight of this episode is Jessie reminding HR that she doesn’t need protecting and that she is in fact, THE Flash of her Earth.

You go Jessie!

With Jay being imprisoned in the Speed Force, Jessie leaves us at the end of this episode to defend Earth-3 during his absence. Possibly for the rest of the season.

Perhaps the weakest moment of “Into the Speed Force” is the conclusion.

Based on the Speed Force’s insistence that Barry takes on Savitar alone, Barry decides his proposal to Iris was premature and further manipulates a future he should take control of.

I’m glad this was at the end of the episode because I needed to lie down! Barry/Iris drama is not my thing... I’m tired y’all.

Up next is musical interlude episode with the Music Meister, Darren Criss, and Supergirl's Melissa Benoist, bringing together a sort of Glee reunion with Grant Gustin of Flash!

First appearing in the animated series "Batman: the Brave and the Bold," the Music Meister is a metahuman with the abilities to cause people to sing and dance!

It’s our madcap musical match-up between Flash and Supergirl in the next new episode of the Flash… “Duet!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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