The Flash S03 E14: More monkey business as Grodd meddles in Earth 1, and is Savitar making a comeback?

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Hey Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s the Giant Gorilla battle you’ve been waiting patiently for since our two-parter started last week!

Aaaand you’re going to wait some more…

A Grodd mind-controlled Gypsy pops up to lead a brief attack on our team. Giving a glimpse at how powerful Vibe could become.

Gypsy’s attack tips off everyone that Grodd and his army of Gorilla’s are now in Central City.

A bigger tease is that Gypsy was on Earth 2 on the hunt for a dimensional jumper like HR was. We even get a peek at Earth 19’s speedster, the Accelerated Man!

Side note: With three speedsters now on Earth 1, Jay Garrick on Earth 3 and surprise cameo by the Accelerated man does, the speed force hold a clue to Savitar’s defeat?

Back on Earth 1, Grodd delivers warning to the Flash via Joe West. Every time someone is taken over by Grodd, we get peeks into Grodd's mind. Harry (not HR) Wells still on Earth 1 devises a reader that allows the info to be pulled from Joe’s mind.

While an imperfect process, Joe is able to sketch an image of a general who has access to nuclear codes, sending Flash out to disable a series of warheads. Leaving us still waiting on the promised Gorilla attack.

Meanwhile Vibe who’s been flirting relentlessly with Gypsy is able to convince her to help in some un yet revealed plan.

With the warheads disabled, Grodd and his army march on the city with only Flash, Kid-Flash and Jessie Quick to defend it!

As our team gets knocked down one by one, we’re left wondering how they’re going to defeat the Gorilla menace.

Turns out it was a stall tactic as Vibe and Gypsy return with Gorilla city’s original leader, Solovar!

Solovar handily takes down Grodd to resume control of his troops. Nice!

Flash convinces Solovar to leave Grodd on Earth 1 imprisoned at Argus as Solovar returns with his army to Earth 2.

As I mentioned last week, Flash and Solovar in the comics are allies against Grodd. I hope we get to see this relationship grow particularly as other threats reveal themselves to Flash

Next up it’s the return of our main season plot as Savitar comes after Wally West!

With Savitar trapped in the box tossed in the speed force, he reaches Wally though visions but is he also spying on the team?

Let’s find out in next Flash The Wrath of Savitar!"

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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