The Flash S03 E13: monkey business ensues as The Flash battles Grodd and tries to prevent an attack on Earth One

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Gorilla City get gorilla good as Cisco, Barry, Julian and Caitlyn travel to Earth 2 to save “Harry” Wells from Sololvar, Grodd and a city full of intelligent telepathic apes while Jessie Well remains behind to rekindle a romance with Wally West!

Our Earth 2 crew is quickly captured after locating Harry’s metahuman detecting watch which was left behind as a trap!

Power-dampend by telepathic Grodd, a Grodd-controlled Harry explains that Solovar, leader of Gorilla City, is about to invaded Earth one. In order to prevent this Flash must defeat Solovar in a gladiatorial style battle thereby placing Grodd as leader of the apes.

Wait… surely this is trick?

Grodd is bad guy, right? In fact in the comics, Solovar and Flash are typically allies against Grodd.

So sure enough after an effects filled battle between Solovar and Flash, Grodd reveals it was a trap. And now as ruler of Gorilla City Grodd plans to attack Central City to exact revenge for his treatment there.

Back in their cells, Caitlyn uses her frost powers to partially freeze Barry making him appear dead. This gets him pulled to the outside of the cell where he vibrates to heat up and revive himself, then freeing Harry, Julian, Caitlyn and Cisco.

A little Vibe to the other side and Flash and friends are back safe in central city.

The resolution was quick. And I personally was going to be disappointed if our only battle was between Flash and Solovar in the gladiator arena, but hey fans! It’s a two parter!

I was wondering how Grodd was going to trick Vibe into opening portal to Earth one. Turns out he doesn’t need Vibe because he’s got Gypsy?!

What’s this? She back? How?

Our next episode preview gives us two Harrison Wells and three speedsters, Flash, Kid Flash, and Jessie Quick in a battle against Grodd and his army to save Central City.

Flash is fast, Flash is cool, but can he stop Gorilla Grodd?

Let’s find out in the Flash Attack on Gorilla City!!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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