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Fans of the show Supernatural might recognize Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr as reoccurring characters (with one even playing God) on the CW show, but these two have their own new gig called Kings of Con.

Eye Opener had the chance to sit down with Rob and Richard to talk about their new show.

So what is Kings of Con about?
RSJ: It’s about Rob and Rich. Fictional, heightened Rob and Rich. Rich thrice divorced, a lover of convention circuit guy, who’s in the circuit, comes back to drag Rob back into the world once Rob’s marriage starts failing and Rob needs to redeem himself in the eyes of the fandom. That’s where the story really starts and where it goes is all over the map.
RB: Yeah, we got this whole band of misfits. The actor we have in the show you’ll recognize a lot of Supernatural actors…
RSJ: A lot of actors from other places who are great and awesome that you’ll recognize.
RB: That’s right. We basically, making the show, we went to everyone we’ve ever worked with over the years and said “come be in it.”

Did you guys come together for Kings of Con or did you know each other prior to the show?
RSJ: No, we actually didn’t know each other, I mean, I knew if Rob and I knew of his work…
RB: Same
RSJ: …we didn’t know each other closely or personally cause even though we have both done episodes of Supernatural, even in the same season, we never overlapped.
RB: We never worked together, yeah.
RSJ: We’ve only worked together on conventions.
RB: And so we were paired together on stage at the conventions and we had this banter that we’d do on stage in front of people and that turned into “hey, we should do this.”

Tell me about how this show came to be?
RB: At the beginning we had this idea for a pilot and we’ve never done crowd funding before but the Supernatural audience is…they’re just amazing, the fans of the show. They’ve been so supportive and we thought it’d be a good way to sort of let people know we’re doing this and we had enough to make a little pilot presentation and we raised so much money. There was such a great fan fare over it that it caught the attention of Lionsgate and ComicCon who are making this new ComicCon HQ, this online digital network.

Kings of Con premieres this fall exclusively on ComicCon HQ.