Superman’s ‘Supergirl’ Suit Revealed: Is It The Best One Yet? Almost.

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Supergirl just revealed the first look at Superman’s new suit and it is one fine looking outfit … and not just become actor Tyler Hoechlin is such a fine looking man. Designed by Kiertsin Ronning, the superhero’s outfit is very similar to his cousin Kara’s, and together they look like they are ready to take on anyone that might cause trouble in National City.

Superman on 'Supergirl' Melissa Benoist and Tyler Hoechlin

Superman is such an iconic comic book character that has been portrayed by so many different actors in both TV and film, Zap2it couldn’t help but wonder how Hoechlin’s body suit and cape stacks up against its predecessors.

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Henry Cavill looks fantastic in his Superman cape and it’s nearly identical to that of Hoechlin’s. We’d say in this competition that it’s a tie.


Henry Cavill as Superman

Nic Cage was almost Superman in a Tim Burton movie that never came to fruition … and it’s for the best. This is by far, the worst suit ever.

Nic Cage as Superman

Compared to Hoechlin and Cavill’s suit, Dean Cain’s Superman outfit on Lois & Clark looks like his mom bought it for him as a Halloween costume. The bright blue and red spandex makes it look cheap and store-bought.

Dean Cain 'Lois and Clark'

Brandon Routh in the Superman Returns movie has a pretty good suit. It’s levels above that of Cain’s by getting rid of the shiny spandex material and using a deeper red tone for the accents.

Tom Welling as Superman

Tom Welling on “Smallville” had the Clark Kent suit rip off down …

Tom Welling as Superman

But it seems we can’t help but love the original Superman’s suit more than anyone’s. Christopher Reeve will forever be the Superman for which anyone who ever gets the honor to don such a suit will be compared.

Superman Christopher Reeve

Sure, it’s old-school-looking, but now the retro-ness of it seems even cooler. The power of this suit came from the man wearing it, now the outfit itself. While Hoechlin’s suit is a fierce reinvention of the tight fitting outfit and cape, he has some big superhero shoes to fill when it comes to replicating the heart and soul of what Superman truly represents. Not any man can put on a pair of tights and look awesome (ahem, Nic Cage), but Reeve did it with ease.

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