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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

With Reign’s escape from Lena’s lab cell, its up to Supergirl and Mon El to delay Reign long enough for Lena to synthesize the black Harun-El aka black kryptonite.

But I dunno if it’s needed because Supergirl and Mon El were taking on Reign quite fine. Once completed the black kryptonite is injected into Reign.

Like it’s comic counterpart the black kryptonite splits Reign into her good and evil personas. With Lena’s sciencing though it  causes the Reign persona to lift and burn away leaving only Samantha. Aaaand that’s it! Season Three Supergirl done!

Wait we’re only 5 minutes into the episode? And there’s still two more episodes to go? So here’s what happens next…

With Reign defeated Kara decides to head back to Argo City to reconnect with her mom Alura and we get an extended series of Karas Goodbyes and champagne toasts at the DEO, at CATCO which Kara hasn’t been to like all season.

Jimmy calls it an outer space sabbatical thankfully letting us know its not meant to be permanent. I mean the show is called Supergirl

In Supergirl’s absence, Jimmy, Lena and the DEO stumble through a plot centered around the gun control debate that ends with J’onn talking down a fired law firm employee who’d planned to shoot up his former firm.

The main result is J’onn disarming all of the DEO to become Agents of Peace. That’s a pretty bold move but it could lead to nifty Winn-crafted gadets next season.

J’onn’s plea to the shooter also reflected his own coming to terms with his father’s impending death. M’rynn earlier had asked J’onn to start “the Reach” a Martian death process that would transfer all M’rynn ‘s history and knowledge to J’onn.

Back on Argo everything is too good to be true. But we knew that right?

Dark witch Selena just last episode used a spell to super-charge Reign to bust out of Lena’s cell.

After reconnecting with her childhood friend Thara Ak-Var – oh hey! Thara’s from the comics! Thara Ak-Var was a young girl taken in and raised by Alura and Zor-El after Brainiac merged Argo City with the other Kryptonian City Kandor. After having strange visions of a Kryptonion goddess, Thara becomes Kandor heroine the Flamebird fighting alongside General Zod’s son Lor-Zod the Nightwing. Ooo! Season four plot ideas? Hmmm?

Okay that was a tangent… After construction beams nearly kill Kara and Mon El, Kara and Alura appeal to Officer of Peace Thara to investigate. Nothing comes at of it at first but right as Mon El reveals his reasons for staying behind from Imra, to sort out his feelings for Kara an evil Kelex robot attacks.

Thanks to his gift of the Legion flight ring, Kara lifts them to safety then catches the mysterious cloaked woman that had been creeping on them.

Ah but was it an attempt on Kara’s life or was it a distraction? Mystery woman all too easily reveals Selena as leader of the “daughters of the night” because it’s not going to matter as Alura discovers and alerts Kara and Mon El their space craft is gone!

Side notes:

What’s up with Lena’s discovery that CATCO receptionist (and Superman the Movie character) Eve Teschmacher  knowing about nuclear fusion and Lena pulling her in black kryptonite research. random.

Also and Alex all drinking whiskey while longing looking at photos of her and Ruby – someone’s child. Then she jumps on an adoption site because all good adoption decisions happen while drinking whiskey.

I know where this is going! Watch out National City, Alex is going to steal someone’s baby! If she doesn’t push Ruby’s mom down the stairs herself to gain custody.

People fall down stairs all the time.

Oh and one more – the internet is killing me. Is it dark witch Selena or Serena? I heard Selena which makes sense because Selena was the main villain in the 1984 movie Supergirl staring Helen Slater. Who I interviewed for the CW last year. Go look it up! IMDB and the press releases say Serena – but I think that was probably an early ploy to misdirect fans like myself from figuring out it was Selena.

So SELENA and two other daughters of the night got themselves a spaceship, henny and they are on Earth looking for Reign! Our episode closes with Selena using a Kryptonian crystal from acolyte Thomas Coville to rebuild her dark fortresses!

With the dark witches destroying the DEO in our new preview looking for Samantha, can Supergirl and Mon El get back to save National City?

Two episodes remain with new villains revealed! It’s an all-new Supergirl “Make it Reign!”

Photography by Rueben Gonzales