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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! Its Richard from Zeus Comics!

Reign is quickly becoming immune to the synthetic Kryptonite Lena is using to keep her contained. Our heroes only hope? A black kryptonian rock on a meteor five light years away. But it’s no mere meteor… part of Krypton survived!

We were tipped off in last week’s preview when Kara calls out “mom” to a familiar woman in blue.

But for Kara and Mon El the discovery comes after posing as locals in this new alien town nestled on top of the “meteor” while searching for the black metal of the goddess Youticul.

Tracking it down to an outside structure, Kara immediately recognizes the Kryptonion inscription as it’s a part of a memorial.

But before Alura reveals herself, Supergirl and Mon El are surrounded by the very familiar Fortress of Solitude robot Kelex or robots! Kelex is with two “E’s” fans. Don’t make my mistake. The wrong spelling of Kelex and google will send you to Kara Alex fanfic….

After a brief reunion, Kara explains the threat to Earth by the Kryptonian-crafted Worldkiller Reign so Alura calls the Argo’s city’s high council, and one of them is Selena aka Dark Mom!

And she’s so non-reactive when Kara explains Reign exists. Like “worldkiller” camera pan, “Reign” cut shot, “alive” tight shot. I was like, should we check for a pulse?

Oh wait she has lines now. Aaaaand Selena casts the deciding vote allowing Kara to leave with some of the black rock, a resource that is currently powering Argo’s shields and life support systems.

Quick shout out to Tim Russ as Kryptonian high council member Jul-Us who also played Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager.

Did it seem like Kara left in a bit of a rush? I’m mean, she’s got an army of Kryptonians that could, I dunno under our yellow sun, take on Reign?

So! Let’s talk about the comics! Supergirl’s hometown of Argo survives the destruction of Krypton as do her parents Zor-El and Alura – Both Supergirl and Argo City debuted in Action Comics #252 back in 1959. It’s from an Argo City adrift in space that Zor-El and Alura sent young Kara to join her Cousin Kal-El not directly from Krypton like in our TV Universe.

Argo suffered a couple of different fates: the first – sabotage that sent Argo to its destruction from a meteor shower and the second from Brainic who merges Argo with another kryptonian city Kandor to become the bottled city of Kandor.

We even get a re-enlarged Kandor/Argo on Earth near the Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole. Will Argo come to Earth? Will it be shrunk down to a bottle? Will it be destroyed in space?

Somethings amiss though, right? Everything seemed… off? Creepy?

One thing is confirmed near episode’s end with Selena dawning the familiar cloak to call out to Reign! Has she been aware of Reign’s existence this entire time? Or was Reign’s survival of Krypton’s destruction new knowledge to her?

Whatever the answer Selena’s dark magic gives Reign the power to overcome not only Lena’s prison but the killing shot of Kryptonite Lena injects into Reign! Supergirl and Mon El arrive in the nick of time as our episode ends with an epic thrown down between Supergirl and Reign about to begin!

Oh one more comic piece of knowledge to impart! the mystery metal which is finally named haranol is described as a black rock.

Hmmmm black kryptonite? Did you know black kryptonite causes Kryptonians to split in half? Into their good and bad sides?

Is Samantha / Reign’s fate at hand? Our new episode tease gives us a congratulatory toast at the DEO and Supergirl heading back to Argo to reunite with Alura… But I don’t think Selena’s giving up on Reign so quickly even in defeat.

Three episodes remain as our Superfriends quickly discover in our new Supergirl they’re “Not in Kansas!”

Photography by Rueben Gonzales