Supergirl S03 E19: Supergirl and Lena aren’t friends, and is there a way to stop a worldkiller?

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

With Reign under examination by Lena and the DEO does the power to save her lie in a journal kept by Thomas Coville and his church of Rao? And is there a new worldkiller on the rise?

We kick off this episode with Reign being contained by the same tech Lena used to keep Reign locked up plus a new feature  - a refractive scatter-field that prevents not only Reign's X-Ray vision but Supergirl's too.

This new tech rightly upsets Supergirl who wants control over everything Lena has that could hurt her or other Kryptonians (like Superman). but Lena claps back on her Reign stopping tech. "I don't think about you while I'm doing it."

Our main plot jumps in at this point with the mystery girl who stole a journal from Thomas Coville's church. And mystery girl Tonya has gone to the only person she thinks can get the journal to Supergirl - and that's James Olsen head of Catco.

The church is in pursuit though with acolyte Oliva reemerging. We thought her saved by Supergirl when we last saw her in "the Faithful" but in Coville's absence she's taken over the church. Her quest? To use Coville's journal to bring about a fourth worldkiller and she needs Tonya to interpret the journal.

To that end she stages a kidnapping of Tonya at Catco only to be foiled by the Guardian. During the melee Olivia exposes James Olsen as the Guardian to Tonya and the other acolytes after shooting off his mask.

Despite saving Tonya, James is now facing possible exposure of his identity via blackmail unless James gives Tonya over to Olivia

Meanwhile Winn and Lena have been able to decipher some of the journal specifically a goddess slash metal called you-ti-cal. And aha! This mysterious metal will cause a worldkiller transformation - something Lena thinks she can reverse to save Samantha from her Reign persona

Seeing no option Tonya gives herself over to Olivia and the church - and in a hilarious moment Mon El sneaks aboard seemingly mistaking the church van for his Lyft. Once inside Mon El gets a signal to Supergirl using a Kryptonian sunstone - Loved seeing Mon El use super speed to nab the crystal.

Tonya however has completed the formula! With the Youtical goddess idol revealed Olivia briefly becomes worldkiller-powered to battle Supergirl and Mon El. But just as Supergirl appealed to the Julia and Samantha personas, Supergirl breaks through to Olivia and ultimately burning the stone from her hand - Ouch!

Side note: I legit don't know what the message was about secret identities outside of a powerful speech by James.

Like Guardian doesn't want his identity to be revealed then he says it'll be empowering then tells Supergirl he'll do it someday, but she should never reveal hers. Mon El tells Supergirl not to reveal her ID either so his sneaking into the van in disguise I suppose made sense.

Plus Mr’ynn outs his identity as a martian to Ruby. And I'm just going to lump in J'onn telling Mon El not to tell Kara he loves her because this is all about characters not being honest to each other.

Either way when Lena finds out Supergirl is Kara either by chance or by Kara telling her - Lena is going to be pissed and it'll be high drama. Will it happen at seasons end? Prediction!

Up next Thomas Coville returns and Supergirl and Mon El venture out to space to get more of the Youtical. Wait? Was that Kara's mom allura in the preview? Like for real, real?

Plus Reign continues to threaten Lena. Will she escape once again this time to "break the world in half?" It's a brand-new Supergirl "Dark Side of the Moon"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales

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