Supergirl S02 E12: Luthor family drama, lex’s warsuits, and black mercy

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s the trial of Lillian Luthor. Happy to see Lillian’s return as She’s one of my favorite SuperGirl villains so far and it’s her daughter Lena gives who testimony against her!

It’s a nice switch from the Superman and Lex as adversaries for the producers not to go with the obvious of Supergirl and Lena as adversaries and instead have our Supergirl villain as momma Luthor.

In a tense moment in jail, Lena discovers that she is in fact a Luthor!

That her father Lionel Luthor had an affair on Lillian with Lena’s real mom and Lena was the result. After Lena’s mom death when she was four, Lionel took custody.

Aha! The tension Lena feels from Lillian is real as Lena is a constant reminder of Lionel’s infidelity!

While on the stand during Lillian’s trial, Metallo breaks free and nabs Lillian in the process, making their escape with Supergirl unable to stop them.

Lena is then arrested after surveillance footage is leaked showing Lena in possession of the Kryptonite used to power Metallo’s escape.

But wait fans… Kara doesn’t believe Lena is guilty!

Superman had already disposed of all of the Kryptonite in an early episode and we’re tipped off after James’ battle with Metallo that mentions that Kryptonite seemed off and Metallo looked in pain.

Speaking of James and Metallo.

Metallo breaks into the prison to get Lena out where he encounters the James’ Guardian and they fight!

Ummm… can anyone just walk past the guards and get into this prison? Guardian just walks right up? Its almost as easy to break into this prison as the DEO which I swear has civilians walking in hand and out every episode.

Now on the run and against her will, Lena is taken to one of Lex’s secret facilities where only a Luthor can open Lex’s vault.

Turns out Mom isn’t so loving after all, since she needs Lena’s DNA to open the vault containing a Black Mercy, an atomic Axe and one of LEX’s Warsuits!!!

You guys may remember that Black Mercy from season when Non used it to trap Supergirl in a dream state.

The atomic axe is the weapon of the Persuader possibly suggesting his later appearance in Supergirl and of course Lex’s familiar purple and green warsuit, giving Lex flight and super-strength to battle Superman!

With Metallo’s synthetic Krytonite unstable and about to explode, Supergirl swoops in to save Lena. During the battle the Martian Manhunter joins the fray and Lillian and Hank Henshaw the Cyborg Superman flee in the chaos.

And in a last minute save the Martian Manhunter and Supergirl escape with Lena moments before Metallo explodes.

Thanks to Winn, Lena is now exonerated when the surveillance footage shows hank Henshaw as the real culprit of Metallo’s Kryptonite course.

But hold on fans… we’ve been watching Lena and Lex play chess in flashbacks this entire episode. And in one of our last moments Lena picks up a chess piece as if to suggest she's been playing a game this entire time.

But against whom?!

Was it with Lillian to get the information on Lena’s real mom? Was it to play Lillan to get access to Lex’s secret facilities? Was it to play Kara, because Lena might know she’s Supergirl?

Is Lena the true villain? Duh-duh

Oh plus Mon-El and Kara kiss. Cool.

Next is one of my favorite Super characters!

Mxylptlk! The imp form the 5th dimension!

Depending on the storyline, Mxylptlk is best explained as Superman's greatest fan and trickster. The only way to defeat him and force him to return to his home dimension is to get him to say his name backwards! Kilpitzeezim!

What trouble does Mxylptlk have in store for Kara and crew?

A Supergirl and Mxylptlik marriage perhaps?

Lots of fun and hijinks to be had in the next Supergirl, Mr and Mrs Mxylptlik!

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