Supergirl Meets Classic Superman Villain, Alex’s Emotional Coming Out And Martian Blood Transfusions Are Bad Ideas

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

How fantastic was this past episode to get the classic Superman villain, the Parasite?!

The producers were a little sneaky and didn’t announce it as the parasite prior to episode, but how can you miss this giant purple power sucking monstrosity of a good time?

His alter ego is even from the comics – Rudy Jones. But in a nice modern twist our TV Rudy Jones is taken over by an alien host who’s motivation is climate change.

Supergirl doesn’t go at the Parasite alone. We’ve got Mon-El stepping up his game after a tough love conversation with Alex. And Jimmy’s debut as the Guardian.

Did anyone else feel the lead up with Jimmy demanding help from Winn in making suit sound familiar?

Winn even smartly built the suit out of lead so the Supergirl’s X-Ray vision can’t expose the real man in the suit keeping Jimmy’s identity secret.

Oh and break my heart! In a huge leap of faith Alex comes out to Maggie but Maggie just wants to be friends.

And in this rejected, low point we get this heart-to-heart between Alex and Kara where Alex comes out. It’s so sweet and poignant… it’s like I cut up every onion in the house.

Way to go Supergirl writers, this was the Alex story we needed to elevate her character to more than Kara’s sister. I’m rooting for you Alex. We all are!

Finally if next week’s previews didn’t tip you off this not so subtle twitching arm reaction from J’onn tells us the white martian to green martian blood transfusion probably didn’t go off without a hitch.

M’gann’s secret, secret identity as part of the warrior white martian tribe is about to be revealed, but not before J’onn goes on a rampage as a reaction to the white martian blood.

But there’s more to this J’onn J’onnz story that I can’t spoil for you.

Plus, more Guardian and holey moley! Mon-El captive to the tortuous evil Queen of Camdus. It’s too much!

No wonder the next episode of Supergirl is titled the Darkest Place!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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