Riverdale S02 E19: The Riverdale girls take charge, Archie gets beat, and the Black Hood returns

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2018, It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Bound boys, Roofied Exes, and cheerleader ultimatums! Why it must be a new Riverdale!

It's Midge Clump's funeral and everyone's there. You'd think Cheryl was the killer because she and vixens were slaying in those black cloaks and black cheerleading outfits complete with black pom-poms.

It's here Cheryl declares the Vixens will not rest until Midge's killer is rightly punished leading up to Cheryl even going after Sheriff Keller for "failing this town" a line eerily reminiscent of something the Black Hood would say… just pointing that out.

Could it be a Scream the movie scenario with duel killers behind hoods? Jughead certainly thinks so but he thinks OG Black Hood Joseph Svenson who was killed by Sheriff Keller and Chic were working in tandem. Because Chic was backstage when Midge was murdered, Jughead draws that conclusion that Chic is also the Black Hood...

When Jughead and Betty go in search of a Svenson/chic connection, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy produce a photo of Betty's young brother Charles Smith who is certainly not Chic! And when confronted at the Coopers by Jughead and Betty, Chic grabs a kitchen knife slicing at Alice and Jughead.

In a total Girl power moment Betty delivers the blow to knock Chic on unconscious. Now bound in the basement Chic spins a tale about Alice turning young Charles Smith away after a knock at the door, leading Charles to go on a bender and OD.

Faced with her guilt over turning away Charles, Alice runs to FP to tell him he was Charles' father and follows that with telling Hal the truth about Chic and Dwayne the drug dealers death. Because she ain't got nothing left and is telling everyone everything and you know it's bad because she is drinking wine on the stairs.

But duh duh duh - during all this drama we hear a familiar ring tone on Betty's phone and it's the Black Hood and the Black Hood wants Chic! With no other solution, Betty drives to him to his apparent doom as the Black Hood chases Chic off into the dark.

When Alice tells Betty that her father was out looking for her, Betty's natural conclusion is that Hal could be the Black Hood. And that's something this Riverdale fan has often wondered. But if the writers are pointing it out, surely that’s a wrong direction, right?

Based on his call to Betty, the Black Hood does know about Dwayne the drug dealers death which limits our suspects unless there are two current Black Hoods. When Betty cries in the next promo "What do you want? We're the same..." I’m left with Dark Betty in a split personality kinda theory as the Black Hood?

Ever paranoid Archie is also on a path to uncover the Black Hood but instead comes face-to-face with Veronica's Ex Nick St Clair and two other hooded goons who kidnap Archie demanding a ransom from the Lodge's.

Nick hopes to win back his father’s approval by exacting money from the Lodges after they left Nick with permanent injuries from his original threat to Veronica and the assault of Cheryl.

With Archie bound an in peril, Veronica offers up some of the ransom money and after Nick’s demands - herself. In a turnabouts fair play, Veronica jingle jangles Nick and gets a cool $1 million from the St Clairs’ instead.

So to recap: Cheryl put Sheriff Keller on notice, Betty took care of the Chic problem and Veronica turned it around on Nick St Clair then flaunted it in front of her parents who weren't going to do anything to help Archie. Yeah this episode was all about strong women of Riverdale High!

A point driven home by the final conversation between Archie and Hiram. Archie should be pissed the Lodge’s did nothing to save him after all he’s down to help Hiram.

So why did Archie "offer bones" to find and kill the Black Hood? Hiram doesn't care about the Black Hood. If anyone's in an abusive relationship its Archie to Hiram. He doesn't love you Archie. No matter how much you try to prove it!

Our new episode trailer give us the two different Black Hood paths: Betty’s and Archie’s with the Black Hood sending a note to Fred Andrews saying you're next "You're next Sinner" and Betty apparently pleading to the Black Hood What do you want?"

The two Black Hood theories become more relevant when you consider Fred’s scrawled note in our and last episode’s magazine cut-out from Kevin’s locker

Will our Black Hood paths: Betty and Archie’s cross? Three episodes remain as Riverdale is on the trail of a killer in "shadow of a doubt"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales

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