Riverdale S02 E06: Drag races over jingle jangle (yeah), The Candyman, and Betty vs. The Blackhood

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

We open on Jughead and what’s this? Southsider Serpent Toni stayed the night?!

But as she explains moments later it was only a PG13 grope fest because he’s still into Betty and Toni’s more into girls. Get on with your bisexual self.

That other drama from last episode with Betty’s hard take down of Veronica is also resolved when she comes clean about the Black Hood and enlists Veronica’s help in learning the identity of the Sugarman.

Honestly, I was hoping for a little more time with the B versus V and the Jughead and Toni romance. The show is about drama after all.

After Mayor McCoy raids Southside High and arrests several serpents, Serpent leader Tallboy makes an alliance with Ghoulies. But Jughead isn’t having it because the ghoulies are responsible for the jingle jangle, the JJ, epidemic in Riverdale.

Because when dealing with rival gangs one of them is always more  moral. After a chat with his dad FP in jail, Jughead challenges the Ghoulies to a race, a drag race for control of Southside and the Southside High. But it’s Archie mid race who pulls the brakes because he’d called the cops.

This Archie Comics fan squealed when mechanic Betty made her appearance souping up the car and giving Jughead advice. We haven’t seen mechanic Betty since the beginning of season one

Speaking of Betty, the Black Hood continues his demands on Betty asking her to expose the Jingle Jangle supplier the Sugarman. Betty at first turns to Cheryl since her Dad Clifford would have employed the sugarman in his drug operation.

Cheryl in turn goes to her mom Penelope who might know his identity. But Cheryl and her mom having been having it out this episode because Penelope took hush money from the St. Clair’s after Nick St. Clair assaulted Cheryl.

Hush money check in hand, Cheryl demands her mom do the right things… and she does! Destroying the check and revealing The Sugarman…

It’s Jughead’s Southside High English teacher Mrs. Phillips… wait? what? That straight laced guy. Never trust a new addition to the cast… Just sayin’

Feeling empowered Betty turns it around on the Black Hood saying she’s coming for him!!! And what’s this? Our next episode preview teases that the Black Hood might be Sheriff Keller?

Betty’s on the case in the new Riverdale “Tales from the Darkside!”

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