Riverdale S01 E02: A closer look at Jughead, questionable student/teacher relationships, and murder suspects

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2017. It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Our second episode Riverdale delivers sexy cheerleaders, sweaty nightmares, possible motives, Reggie the troublemaker and a much bigger introduction to Jughead!

While our first episode spent time establishing the Betty and Veronica relationship, our second explores the friend dynamic between Archie and Jughead.

In the comics the classic, Jughead is an aloof, ne’re-do-well who spends most of his time lusting after burgers, but this new interpretation sets him as a social outcast.

It’s less nerd and more advocate of social wrongs and justice.

It’s Jughead who seems intent on finding the answers to Jason Blossom’s death. Whether it’s taking a moment to spy on Archie and Mrs. Grundy, the music teacher, for clues or inspiring Archie to attempt to come forward about his whereabouts in day Jason died.

But hold up! Geraldine Grundy isn’t interested in coming forward. Could it be she’s worried about I dunno… statutory rape from her fling with underage Archie?

Side note: Using unofficial polling at Zeus… It’s split down the middle on whether this Student/Teacher sex situation is too hot for TV or too wrong for TV.

Ok back to Mrs. Grundy. Is it possible her fling with Archie is an attempt to cover up her killing Jason Blossom?


In a scene with Betty’s mom Alice, we discover that Jason was tied up first and was shot a week later after his supposed death on July 4th.

Is Mrs Grundy covering up another student/teacher sex fling? One that went awry?

We do know she likes the gingers.

Trust me. It’s a thing.

But what’s up with Alice Cooper? Why was she paying off the coroner for information on on Jason’s Death? What could she want?

We know it’s Jason Blossom’s relationship with Betty’s sister Polly that put Polly in an asylum.

Oh! and did anyone else notice Betty is pretty good about lying both to her mom and Veronica? Hmmm

Big questions and two possible suspects emerge: Polly and Mrs Grundy.

But our end of episode shows Cheryl Blossom willingly get arrested for Jason’s murder, right as Archie was coming forward about his own whereabouts.

This a ruse right?

In a harsh scene from earlier just when we thought Cheryl was finally making nice with Betty after a manipedi, Cheryl comes after her. “You dumb cow… Someone shot my brother and I thought it was your tweaked out sister.”

So why is she letting herself get arrested?

I have my suspicions #riverdalestrong And I can’t wait for the newest Riverdale… “Body Double”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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