Legends of Tomorrow Teases Meeting With Justice Society Of America And We Saw A Big Reveal From The Flash!

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Hello my Legends Legionaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

We kick off this episode with Dr. Nick Heywood, a historian and self-described “Time Detective” as he discovers the wave rider submerged in the Atlantic, along with Heatwave, who’s been contained in stasis.

From there it’s a quick romp through time to recover our Legends: Rip Hunter, White Canary, the Atom and Firestorm.

All of this leads to 1942 to stop the Nazis from kidnapping Einstein and an atomic weapon.

But uh-oh fans it’s not just Nazis, as Damien Darkh is behind the plot…

The biggest reveal comes as Flash’s Eobard Thawne saves Damien from the timeline.

We now know how Damien joins the Legion of Doom - not as resurrected from death, but plucked from the past!

With the mysterious departure of Rip Hunter, it leaves me wondering if Dr. Nick Heywood is our new legends leader and if he will get powered up as Citizen Steel, the grandson to the JSA’s Commander Steel?

Plus an end of episode tease of a clandestine meeting with 1940s heroes, the Justice Society of America: Stargirl! Dr. Midnite! Hourman! Vixen! And Obsidian!

All of this and more on Legends of Tomorrow episode two, "The Justice Society of America!"

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
Richard is the owner of the Eisner award-winning Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas and co-creator of The Variants, a webseries about life in the comic shop. He is also freakishly good at handstand push-ups. You can follow Zeus Comics on twitter and instagram @zeuscomics or at zeuscomics.com.

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