Legends of Tomorrow S02 E14: Obtaining Spear fragments, a damaged Waverider and Amaya’s revealed future

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Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Our Legends travel to 1970 to obtain the remaining Spear of Destiny left with Commander Steel who’s cleverly hidden the fragment in the American flag planted on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

What would have been a simple trip to the moon in the Waverider for a grab and go, turns into an adventure to prevent Eobard Thawne the Reverse Flash from jeopardizing the timeline. Thawne in his own quest for the Spear of Destiny has disguised himself as astronaut, Jack Swigert, and boarded the Apollo 13 headed for the moon.

Ray Palmer uses his ATOM suit to shrink and pilot himself over the Apollo 13 to catch Eobard by surprise. Fortunately for Ray, comic book science has left the Reverse Flash powerless from the Speed Force thanks to the lack of gravity.

Ray incapacitates Thawne in the fight then pilots the lunar module to the surface to obtain the spear fragment with the module lacking the fuel to make it back. Ray risks an alliance with 22nd century scientist Thawne to convert Ray’s dwarf star matter into a power source.

Once back on board the Waverider, our Legends encounters an inexplicable meteoroid shower which severely damages the ship knocking Giddeon offline. Without Giddeon and limited power, the Waverider needs a precise reentry angle to prevent the ship from breaking up.  Ray once again is forced to call on Thawne for help.

And in a final sacrifice Commander Steel opens a cargo bay door to assist the damage Waverrider on reentry to Earth.

Couple of quick notes: Commander Steel’s sacrifice is at odds with Nate’s desires for a better childhood for his father, Hank, and in turn, himself. In a lashing out moment, Nate reveals to Amaya her future and why she can’t ultimately stay with the Legends, leading Amaya to get full disclosure from Giddeon about what happens to her and her village.

Also, Sara rocks it! She pilots them through the meteoroid shower, takes complete control over the mission and proves to Rip that she is indeed the leader of the Legends.

With two of the four Spear fragments still in the hands of the Legion of Doom, our Legends travel to WWI France where they hatch a plan to get the remaining pieces with the help of JRR Tolkein!

Dwarfs, Elves, Wizards, oh my Precious! In the next new Legends of Tomorrow, "Fellowship of the Spear!"

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