Legends Of Tomorrow S02 E12: Camelot is real, the Legends snag Rip and battle over Spear of Destiny!

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Hello my Legends Legionaries! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s a jaunt to the future and a jaunt to the past with our Legends hot on the trail of Evil Rip and the fragments of the Spear of Destiny!

Plus the mystery of the JSA’s disappearance resolved!

First stop! Detroit 3000. Despite the title of the episode being identical to a classic DC comics maxi-series Camelot 3000, they only share the Camelot theme and not the plot or premise.

It’s here in the future that Rip meets up with the JSA’s Dr Midnight?

Why is he in the future with a fragment of the spear? It’s a mystery left for later after Sara and the Legends arrive to the future to discover Dr Midnight murdered at the hands of Rip.

Gideon, still being assisted by the medallion map, is able to locate the third fragment of the spear in Britannia 507 AD!

There our Legends discover the King Arthur and Camelot. But how can this be? Camelot is fiction.

Turns out fictional magician Merlin of King Arthur court is none other that Courtney Whitmore – Stargirl!

Courtney, displaced in time, used the fragment of the spear to create the perfect hiding place for her and the spear – Camelot.

Courtney explains that the JSA went on final mission for the Spear with Time Master Rip Hunter.

Once in their possession they decided to break the spear sending the JSA scattered in time. Dr Midnight in 3000, Stargirl in 507 AD… and I’m guessing the final piece is somewhere in time with Commander Steel.

Side note: Is no one concerned Courtney re-wrote history to make Camelot real? This one giant round table of a time anomaly.

Anyhow, back in no longer fictional Camelot the no longer mythical Black Knight is revealed as none other than Damien Darkh!

Dark and Rip are able to defeat King Arthur and his soldiers, then place them under mind control.

Rip demands the spear fragment from our Legends or else King Arthur’s death with whom Courtney has fallen for.

Sara is able to convince Courtney to relinquish the spear fragment appropriately hidden in the Sword in the stone. It’s Amaya who powers up to pull out the sword of legend.

As Guinevere and Ray ride into battle against RIP, Damien and King Arthur’s army,  Amaya and team convince Sara not to take the singular victory of a spear fragment at the sacrifice of Ray.

Our Legends join the fray with a special jammer Dr. Stein crafted from Dr Midnight tech, and now attached to Mick who is able to free King Arthur and his enslaved army.

Darhk escapes during a fight with Ray, but our team is able to take Rip prisoner.

For the count that’s two spear fragments for the Legion of Doom and one fragment plus Rip for the Legends of Tomorrow and one probable fragment somewhere with commander Steel.

In our end of episode cliffhanger, imprisoned Rip reaches out to Gideon who appears to comply!

Will everything come undone with Gideon under the control of Rip and our legends trapped on board?

Let’s find out in the next Legends of Tomorrow! Land of the Lost!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
Richard is the owner of the Eisner award-winning Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas, and co-creator of The Variants, a web series about life in the comic shop. He is also freakishly good at handstand push-ups. You can follow Zeus Comics on Twitter and Instagram @zeuscomics or at zeuscomics.com.

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