‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Goes Retro In The 80’s, Deal With More Social Issues And Get Ready For The Wild West

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Hello my Legends Legionaries! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

Thanks to an alert by Dr. Nate’s newly developed Time-seismograph, we travel back to a time anomaly in 1987 during a summit between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Our legends soon discover Damien Darhk has infiltrated the White House and struck a deal with the KGB, but as the deal unfolds Damien stabs a young Martin Stein!

In order to gain access to a White House dinner event where Darhk’s plans will unfold, Amaya Vixen and D.r Nate Steel head to enlist the aid of the Justice Society of America. Only to discover a dusty warehouse training facility and a now defunct JSA… But lurking the shadows is a much older but still hella cool Todd Rice – Obsidian!

Obsidian tells Amaya that the JSA went on a secret mission in 1956 but never returned… Keep that missing JSA plot point in mind fans. I bet we’ll see this again.

Once at the event, our Legends come face to face with Damien and the KGB and a bomb! In order to diffuse the bomb, Ray Atom has to sacrifice his newly acquired cold gun leaving Ray back to square one for his power set.

And in a moment that’s sweet, sweet satisfaction for Canary and the viewer, Sara reveals to Damien his future loss, death and failures…

But I’m worried that armed with this knowledge, Damien becomes more ruthless or possibly intent on changing time.

Plus during the exchange between Damien and Canary, our time traveling villain is revealed as a speedster. She may not have a name but our Legends now have a clue to who’s affecting the Time Stream

Some of this episodes most touching moments come as older Dr. Stein interacts with both his younger self and his young wife Clarissa.

It’s through these scenes we get a very human Dr. Stein as he conveys to his younger self the value of Clarissa in his life.

It seems a bit insincere for the older Stein to school the younger Stein while the older Stein himself is on a time mission having left Clarissa behind. Are the producers suggesting Dr. Stein might leave the legends?

We also discover that like his comic counterpart, Todd Rice / Obsidian is gay and it influenced his standing within the team and that mysterious mission in 1950s. Once again, Legends is starting to dip into social-political issues in American history like McCarthyism and I love this direction for the show.

But up next, it’s the return of a favorite from Season one, Jonah Hex, as our Legends head out west.

The old west that is in the newest episode of Legends of Tomorrow “Outlaw Country!”
Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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