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Hello, it’s Richard from Zeus Comics getting you ready for massive four show crossover! Supergirl! Arrow! Flash! Legends of tomorrow!

First off and this is important. The crossover is two nights and two hours each night! Monday November 27th and Tuesday November 28th. Arrow will not be airing Thursday so plan your CW viewing/recording accordingly.

The action kicks off on Earth one for the wedding of Iris West and Barry Allen with all the cast of the super-shows in attendance. Caitlyn and Felicity as Iris’ maids of honor and Cisco and Oliver as Barry’s best men.

But before the nuptials conclude an army of Nazis interrupt leading to one massive super power showdown! Superfriends, I. Am. Living. for this massive effects laden preview.

But the Nazis didn’t come alone. They’ve got their own super-powered axis archer, speedster and their own supergirl. How did this come to be? Harry explains in our trailer that outside the known 52 Earth making up the mulitverse there’s a 53 Earth in which the Nazi won World War II…. Earth X.s

Earth X is an actual place in the DC Comics Universe in which the Nazis rule the globe! Battling for the allies is Uncle Sam a living embodiment of American patriotism and his Freedom Fighters: the Black Condor, Doll Man, the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady and the Ray!

Originally part of Quality Comics from the 1940 and 1950s, these characters battled Nazis during World War II. It wasn’t until DC Comics bought Quality Comics that they banded together as the Freedom Fighters. In order to explain these new characters in the DC Comics universe, DC established them on their own parallel Earth, Earth X a world in which the Nazis won. Quick note: Plastic Man was also part of Quality Comics before being absorbed into the main DC Universe.

Check out this promo image. On the heroes side Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, White Canary, Mr Terrific, Wilddog, Vibe and the Atom… but who are are villains? Dark Arrow, Dark Flash and Overgirl, Nazified versions of Arrow, Flash and Supergirl… joining them based on this image alone… I spy Arrow villain Prometheus and Supergirl villains Metallo and Red Tornado and this time they’re fighting alongside our evil Nazi doppelgangers.

Images released by the CW show us Dark Flash is none other than Eobard Thawne the reverse Flash… but it’s Flash Season one Eobard Thawne in the guise of Harrison Wells. How did this come to be? And where’s this Earth’s Barry Allen.

There’s also a mystery about who’s beneath the Prometheus X mask. One notable absence in our cast of heroes is John Diggle Spartan or as he currently is over in Arrow as the Green Arrow. While his inability to shoot arrows due to his nerve damage might explain his absence, I’m still hoping for a John Diggle Prometheus X surprise.

Also MIA in our line-up Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man and J’onn J’onnz the Martian Manhunter. Did anyone else catch that in our giant 13 hero line-up we’re also missing Wally West Kid Flash and Jax and Dr Stein Firestorm? Our early release promo did show them walking alongside White Canary, Arrow, Supergirl and Flash and they both appear briefly on our new trailer.

Also I spy a costume for Zari! As much as I’d hoped they’d use the more traditional DC character Isis white costume they tease in the Legends episode Phone Home, I’m thrilled to see her suit up.

And is that Leonard Snart Captain Cold?! Yep! But on Earth X he’s not a villain but a hero known as Citizen Cold. Could we end up with Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart back in the fold of our Arrowverse on Legends. I certain hope so!

Will we get Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters in our Crisis on Earth X crossover? The only confirmed hero is the Ray, played by out British actor Russel Tovey known for the show Being Human. Our promo image shows Tovey in Nazi concentration camp garb wearing the pink triangle badge a symbol the Nazis used to identify and persecute homosexuals.

True to the comic, the Ray’s modern origin is as an out, gay man. The Ray has the ability to absorb and process light waves, giving him flight and energy bursts plus the ability to manipulate light to appear invisible or create light constructs. In the modern DC Universe, the Ray fights alongside Batman in the pages of the Justice League of America.

Want more Ray? The CW has you covered with an show on CW the Seed releasing in December. Like the animated adventures staring Mari McCabe Vixen, this Ray will be animated with Russel Tovey voicing. So be on the look out for series Freedom Fighters: the Ray

But before that it’s our giant four show crossover! The Supergirl producers and writers are never shy from discussing political issues in their plots so comparisons to modern US politics are probably and now with more Nazis… But what do they want from Earth one? Does the battle at Iris and Barry’s wedding have an objective or is it simply an invasion?

Four CW super-shows! Supergirl! Arrow! Flash and Legends of Tomorrow! and Two nights! Monday and Tuesday! And one massive crossover! Get ready for Crisis on Earth X!

Watch it all starting Monday 11/27 on CW33!

Photography by Rueben Gonzales.