Arrow: Tobias Church’s Fate And Is The Rest Of Season 5 A Villain Battle With Prometheus?

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First off – Whoa! I didn’t not see that ending coming!

Tobias the hands of Prometheus?

But not before having his entire drug/mob operations taken down for the Green Arrow?

This completely changes the rest of the season.

We’ve built up our team of vigilantes with Ragman, Wild Dog, Mr Terrific, Artemis and the awesome return of John Diggle as Spartan, but with the demise of a large portion of the mob in Star City.

Is the rest of the season a villain battle with Prometheus?

Oh and finally a payoff to all those Bratva flashbacks!

Not only does our Star City TV reporter Susan Williams now have dirt on Mayor Oliver Queen via a photograph from a time when he was supposedly dead, but our Christopher Chance  / Human Target appeared in a final flashback in one of his many disguises!

Are you also wondering if the Human Target might play a larger role?

Is he going to unmask himself as another characters somewhere else the season?

But next we’re going to be delving into Prometheus’ murderous villainy as he baits the Green Arrow and team.

We know that before his death, Tobias’ revealed the Green Arrow’s identity to Prometheus suggesting that Prometheus now has targets on Oliver’s life.

But I’m not convinced Prometheus isn’t someone already from Oliver’s past.

Was killing Tobias meant to keep him for telling others Oliver’s secret identity?

More will be revealed in Arrow “So it Begins!”

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