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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Can an alliance between Team Arrow and Agent Watson of the FBI save Star City from Ricardo Diaz? I’ve got the answer and to quote felicity “Give me a high-speed internet connection and a few minutes!”

We open with Team Arrow reunited and all the might of the FBI storming Star City PD to regain control. And it was awesome!

“Who do you think you are? I’m the Green Arrow. I’m not alone!”

If Arrow does one thing well it’s open an episode with action. Once under control of the FBI, its discovered Diaz and his flash drive necklace with all his contacts are not there.

So Agent Watson warns they have about 24 hours to take Diaz? Why? I dunno? But it’s the season finale and we gotta wrap this up.

With no possible direction to go in, Oliver turns to his secret ally inside Diaz operation Anatoly. But under suspicion from Diaz, Anatoly gives himself over to the FBI delivering a message from Diaz. Meet Diaz in one hour.

He also warns Diaz has hired the assassins the Longbow hunters. Oooooh Green Arrow comic book characters! We have possible Season seven villains teased since they don’t show this episode.

But careful Team Arrow! Surely, it’s a trap – and it is!

A laser tripwire thermal grid bomb! And Felicity is unable to hack the bomb in time because Diaz has his own detonator and he presses it – Kaboom! But they escape! By running really quickly away!  #truestory #butitwaskindacool

Meanwhile Quentin’s been secretly chatting with Diaz. You see Diaz wants Quentin to revoke the FBI’s authority to operate in Star City and Diaz is dangling Black Siren Laurel in front of him since she Diaz’ prisoner.

When Diaz doesn’t get his way, he goes directly to Quentin taking him as well.

Fortunately, Oliver’s been going to each team arrow for a final heart to heart to make peace slash amends. I mean it is the season finale and I mean it was really obvious with each person… but hey Diggle gets a Green Arrow suit… again.

And Quentin gets a heart… or in this case a tip off to Oliver that he can be tracked by his pacemaker. And Felicity does just that leading to final fantastic showdown!

Quentin dodges in front of the bullet meant for Laurel as team Arrow busts in right in time to stop Diaz from the killing shot. But Diaz flees with Oliver in pursuit for a rooftop showdown between them as the rest of Team Arrow and the FBI take down Diaz operation.

Hey remember when our “last time on Arrow” played at the beginning and they reminded us Felicity had a device that could clone the drive in close proximity? Apparently Oliver can do that with his eyes because he was making babies with that flash drive necklace during the final fight.

Diaz escapes however after Laurel pulls a Starlord and in her anger canary cries Diaz to the water below giving him a way to survive…

Even with the now cloned drive and the FBI making arrests across town, our heroes lose on two fronts.

With Team Arrow and special guest Sara Lance gathered, Dr Schwartz delivers the news that Quentin Lance didn’t make it through the surgery to save his life. His character arc came to a close earlier this episode when he redeemed his own Laurel’s sacrifice by making one of his own for Earth 2 Laurel.

And Oliver’s deal with Agent Watson is sealed with Oliver leaving in her custody.

The Arrow season six finale delivered something no other season or episode has, something teased at and eluded yet finally delivered as Oliver confesses to reporters he is indeed that Green Arrow and reinventing his own tagline asking his allies and the citizens to “Save our City”.

Not necessarily a happy but a certainly satisfying ending to season six as we close with Oliver being locked away in the Slabside Supermax.

So what’s next Team Arrow? I know the Arrow writers are already hard at work! Diaz isn’t down and your summer homework should include the longbow hunters. Check back and I’ll bring you all the spoilers and casting news on season seven when Arrow when returns on CW this fall!