Arrow S06 E22: Team Arrow goes after Diaz, and Oliver seeks help from an unlikely person

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Hello Team Arrow! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

It's a quiet moment our heroes Breakfast for dinner at the Queens, Date night for the Diggles, Date night for Curtis and hot cop, a hockey viewing party for Ramirez' and don't think I didn't lol catching up with Dinah whose idea of a relaxing evening was beating up on criminals as Black Canary.

Ah - so calm... But Let's don't forget Oliver escaped the trial of the century engineered by crime lord Ricard Diaz and DIAZ IS PISSED!

Legit was expecting this episode to be calm until the final moments - but nope!

The action starts quick with Diaz sending machine gun goons after every member of team arrow then torching the Arrowcave! Looking for an opportunity to strike at Diaz, Oliver turns to former Bratva mate Anatoly.

Knowing Diaz can't ultimately be trusted, Anatoly convinces Diaz to move location from his hid out to the more fortified Star City PD, giving Team Arrow a chance to take Diaz.

During the fight Diaz knifes Curtis nearly killing him but Diaz gets distracted by trinket around own his neck that drops during the tussle. A little Felicity sleuthing reveals the trinket as a solid state flash drive.

And if it's around Diaz' neck it’s waaaay important! A little more  technobabble from Felicity - seriously *makes over the head movement* and Felicity can clone the drive to if she can get a sniffer close to it

With Star City PD in near lock down the only person who can get close enough is Lyla Diggle who just walks in as head of the federal agency ARGUS demanding info on Ricardo Diaz. But her cover is quickly blown by Diaz who has his own Felicity-like tech guy who alerts Diaz to the drive being cloned.

Team Arrow busts in to save Lyla and the sniffer. But Diaz' own Felicity-like tech guy is able to track Team Arrow back to their temporary HQ aka former Helix aka former Team Outsider base.

During the raid Diaz gasses the building with Oliver and Felicity barely escaping. Oliver then detonates charges bringing their temporary HQ down losing their attempt to decrypt the drive that could contain all of Ricardo Diaz' criminal activity and also failing to kill Diaz

As we close episode Diaz has assumed control of criminal organization the Quadrant and Oliver turns to the one person he thinks can save Star City.... FBI Agent Samanda Watson! She returns!

It's Samanda Watson who wanted Oliver Queen exposed as the Green Arrow but bowed out mid season to return to Washington. And surprise! She agrees to help on two conditions... First Oliver admits "I am Green Arrow" to Watson. But What's the second condition?! Is it hidden in the title of next episode?

It's an all-out battle for Star City with Team Arrow versus Richardo Diaz and explosive season finale - in "Life Sentence"

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