Arrow S06 E12: Cayden James’ bomb threats and The Vigilante gets ‘yelled’ at…loudly 😉

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard at Zeus Comics!

Cayden James and his cabal hold the entire Star City hostage with the threat of a thermobaric something somesuch bomb! But wait there’s a spy inside the cabal! And it’s Vince the Vigilante! And Dinah isn’t too happy about that!

Brief appearance by the Central City Police Department and Captain Singh as the flashbacks return this episode with some back story of Vince and Dinah’s undercover operation during which the particle accelerator accident that gave them both their powers. Dinah the Canary cry and Vince healing abilities.

But those healing abilities get put the test when James discovers Vince is the spy for the Outsiders leading Vince to get tortured by Russian mobster Anatoly.

Quick note: And because Curtis called them the Outsiders based on the classic Batman comic the Batman and the Outsiders I’m going to use that for our team of three Mr Terrific, Wilddog and Black Canary

Vince’s torture splits Team Arrow and the Outsiders once again as Arrow goes after the bomb and the Outsiders head to rescue Vince. But it’s all for naught because the Vince torture sitch was a trap resulting in Black Siren killing Vince the Vigilante with a brain mushing canary ear cry. And Team Arrow unable to find the bomb

As one fan said to me told me about Vince’s death – but we just saw him shirtless. :(

My advice, don’t morn the Vigilante just yet fans. The comics series has had multiple men under the Vigilante mask and as Arrow has proven we’re like on what our third Canary?! Plus we  don’t know the extent of Vince’s healing powers/

Though he did look kinda "dead" dead.

Perhaps the biggest reveal this episode a little digital sleuthing from Felicity and guest star former Helix hacker and former Cayden right hand man? Right hand woman? Alena. Turns out the video James has of the Green Arrow killing James’ son was a forged and Alena and Felicity find a digital signature linking it to the fake photo from the beginning of the season. You know the one that almost exposed Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow.

This leads our team to suspect that there is another person on the chess board. Is it Anatoly?

I’m pretty sure Anatoly denied making the photo to Oliver. Is it Richard Dragon? Is it someone else?

Up next with the City still under Cayden James’ bomb threat, Black Canary is taking on the entire cabal because after the death of Vigilante.

She is pissed. Canary vs Siren y’all Woah-Mano e Woah-Mano!

Plus Cayden James learns a secret about Oliver. It’s a brand new Arrow “the Devil’s Greatest Trick.”

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