Arrow S06 E06: Slade has family issues, and Diggle faces his moral standing

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Promises Kept continues Slade Wilson’s quest to save his son Joe but as revealed last week Joe has followed his fathers villainous footsteps.

The path to save Joe sets Slade and Oliver against Joe and his terrorist organization the Jackals. Both are able to stop the jackals plot against the Kasnian army and people but Slade is unable to convince Joe to join him.

Right before Joe flees, he shares that he has brother and Slade a second son: Grant! Will we see DC Comics character Grant Wilson AKA Ravager on Arrow?

Our second plot focused on John Diggle coming to terms with his own moral standing.

Who thought that injectable street drug John was using wasn’t going to come from a nefarious source. Sure it came in a slick high tech case, a dealer was a fancy suit and his text messages even have their own app… seriously who’s text messages look like that?

But when denied a re-up on the injectable Diggle goes to the dealer and his lab where he meets the drugs producer Ricardo Diaz – the Dragon!

As it so happens our Team Arrow has been tracking Dragon’s organization for a series of thefts of components that will build a military grade 3D printer. A device Dragon needs to continue making synthetic counter-fit designer drugs and medicine’s like John’s synthetic steroid.

When faced with a decision to confront Dragon or continue getting the steroid, John Diggle Green Arrow makes the smart call to lead the team against Dragon. And in a probably not intended to hilarious moment – we get a lingering shot of John and a box of the steroids. uh drugs… fire… drugs.. fire..

With no more synthetic steroid, John comes clean to the team and Curtis offers to find a tech solution for his tremors in the same way Curtis created the spinal implant that allows Felicity to walk.

Our next episode preview gives us the return of Cayden James and the Black Siren and the arrest of Oliver Queen by FBI Agent Samanda Watson.

It’s also airing on Thanksgiving. So make you a plate and pull up to the TV for the next new Arrow… aptly titled Thanksgiving.

Photography by Rueben Gonzales.

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