Arrow S06 E01: Can Oliver survive as mayor after the big reveal?

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

The producers promised no serialized flashbacks and well kinda?

First we jump forward five months after the death of Prometheus and the destruction of Lian Yu.

Aaaand everything seems back to normal. Arrow – check. Spartan – check. Wilddog – check. Black Canary – check. Mr. Terrific – check. Hella cool upgraded T-Spheres? – CHEEEECK!

And Black Siren? She’s our villain this episode with her taking on the Star City PD, a bad ass battle with Black Canary and ultimately Team Arrow in the Arrowcave.

But what’s her goal? Some type of experimental tech in one of Mr Terrific’s T-Sphere.

Oh and Quentin totally shot her defending Dinah back on Lian Yu and left her for dead. But a mysterious savior in a suit yanked her off the island. Hmmmm.

Samantha however didn’t make it off the islands leaving Oliver to take in his son Oliver.

Our end of episode reveals a sane deathtroke on a quest to find his son and a comatose Thea.

Oh and the biggest of all – Mayor Oliver Queen exposed as Green Arrow on the Channel 52 newscast!

Can Oliver Queen survive as mayor with his secret identity revealed (Comic book hint: Nope) Plus it’s the return of Anatoly in the newest Arrow – Tribute!

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