Arrow S05 E17: Bratva and Prometheus plots collide as Oliver gets tortured to confess…something…anything

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It took a while to get there, but this episode had some nice pay off as our Bratva flashbacks and our Prometheus plots collide!

In our flashbacks, Anatoly is made leader of the Bratva while his adversary Konstatine Kovar launches a plan to destroy the Russian government using the poisonous sarin gas.

This forces the Kapiushon or the hood, to take on Kovar directly!

In our present day, Adrian Chase / Prometheus, is intent on torturing Arrow until he confesses.

To what? Oliver doesn’t know. We don’t. And after about 20 minutes of Adrian’s torture I was willing to confess… to anything.

I mean who’s really getting tortured here?

It doesn’t get interesting until Adrian brings in Evelyn who appears to have been tortured herself!

I didn’t buy it at first, because she’d playing Team Arrow all season, but then, Adrian kills her!

And I was like no way! Commercial Commercial Commercial Plot Plot …. Haha psych!

Another trick, Evelyn’s alive!

Ultimately Adrian gets Oliver to confess that he kills because he wants to!

“I wanted to and I like it!” Which dovetails back into the Bratva where Kapiushon has just killed Kovar and Anatoly makes the same observation to Oliver.

The hood has become an excuse for Oliver to kill, as Adrian says Oliver “used his father’s memory to justify his killing spree”

In the end Adrian releases Oliver and Oliver’s guilt causes him to quit and disband Team Arrow. Plus, surprise guest Malcolm Merlyn secretly resurrects Kovar.

Our preview gives us Oliver turning to Anatoly and the Bratva to deal with Prometheus.

With glimpses of the new Black Canary and Wilddog surely it’s not the end of Team Arrow? Let’s find out the newest Arrow – Disbanded!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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