Arrow S05 E14: Oliver gets confronted about his secret identity as Green Arrow, deals with guilt over Det. Malone murder

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Three Arrow villains return to team-up, but the real action takes place around the battle.

Liza Warner, China White and Cupid stage a break out during prison transport.

Their goal? Acquire the $100,000,000 now deceased Tobias Church hid from the Amertek deal earlier in the season.

As cool as it was to watch stunt double after stunt double battle it out, the real action takes place with reporter Susan Williams and Police Captain Frank Pike.

Loaded with all her info on Oliver, Arrow and Bratva, reporter Susan Williams confronts Oliver about being the Green Arrow.

Oliver denies it and moments later tells Thea about Susan’s questioning. Thea in turn consults with Felicity, where the two hack into Susan’s files to reveal all the damning evidence.

Rather than delete the files, Felicity frames Susan as a plagiarist which gets her fired from Channel 52.

Later Susan confronts Oliver who again denies being the Green Arrow. It’s the first time we get the sense that Susan’s romantic interest in Oliver might not be a charade.

His denial however could flip Susan from potential ally to villain with the threat of retribution.

The other movement in the episode surrounds Captain Frank Pike who’s intent on finding Detective Billy Malone’s murderer.

During one of the early fight scenes with our girl group gone bad, the Star City PD shows up to arrest Arrow. While he escapes arrest, it forces Oliver alongside DA Adrian Chase to chat with Captain Pike in attempt to clear the Green Arrow.

Later Oliver comes clean to Captain Pike telling him he and DA Chase suppressed information that the Green Arrow mistakenly killed the Malone thinking he was Prometheus, telling Pike the guilt is “something he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life.”

Green Arrow mirrors this statement again at end episode "It’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life” potentially tipping Captain Pike off about Green Arrow secret identity as the Mayor Oliver Queen.

While Pike decides to move on from pursuing the Green Arrow over Malone’s death, later developments may bring him back to this.

Our season long plot with Prometheus only moves forward with the discovery of Prometheus' mom Amanda Westfield and two anonymous tips: the first a letter that initially informed Captain Pike with the knowledge that the Green Arrow had killed Malone and the closing cliffhanger that the DA and Mayor Queen covered up Malone's death?

Is this the end of Mayor Queen’s administration? The Vigilante certainly show back up to make sure it is!  So what do you do?

Why… Fight Fire with Fire! the appropriately named next new Arrow!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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