Arrow S05 E09 Preview: What You Need To Know For The Mid-Season Finale

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s our mid-season finale and our traitor Evelyn Sharp / Artemis is about to be revealed.

Our episode opened with an attack on Curtis Holt, leading Oliver to the conclusion that Prometheus knows Oliver’s identity.

Here’s are my questions:

How long has Artemis been working with Prometheus? Is it since the train attack? Or before that when Artemis discovered Oliver had a kill list.

The kill list was certainly the point when she doubted Oliver’s mission in the city. Or has she been a traitor from the beginning?

Who is Prometheus? We know he appeared at the beginning of the season to go after the Arrow. Why?

It seems a little unusual for him want to target Arrow and go after Oliver’s own kill list if he only learned of Oliver’s identity from Tobias Church and the kill list from Artemis.

Is Prometheus a player we already know?

Christopher Chance / Human Target certainly knows Oliver’s secrets and our promo gave a glimpse of Prometheus with Detective Billy Malone.

Could it tie back to our Bratva flashbacks?

I’m hoping for answers in our Arrow mid-season finale – “What We Leave Behind!” 

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