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Hey Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

In order to build trust among his new recruits, the Green Arrow reveals his identity as Mayor Oliver Queen and we get an origin for our new mystical recruit Ragman.

Rory Regan was protected from the nuclear assault on Havenrock during genesis day by an ancient cloth his father wrapped him in.

As the sole survivor of Havenrock, it’s still not clear if his Rory’s Rag suit contains the souls of the dead like his comic counterpart.

We know Felicity and Oliver have moved as evidence by her new relationship with Detective Billy Malone.

But the Felicity – Oliver chemistry is still strong with rather intimate body language and Felicity gets the best joke in the episode – A pun so good it made me…..quiver (eh? eh?)

Perhaps the biggest change to the Arrow universe happened in Flash.

In a scene with Felicity, we get the first indication Barry Allen’s changes to the timeline affected more than just Flash, as John Diggle’s daughter Sara has been new “timeline’d” into John Jr.

The closest speculation about why this is relevant is a scene in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 when we meet a new protector for Star City in 2046 Conner Hawke.

Will this affect all three shows?

Plus, we get a bigger look at and a name for our new mysterious archer – Prometheus, who warns Tobias Church to back off the Green Arrow as the Green Arrow is his target and his target alone.

Get ready for more reveals in Arrow episode three “a Matter of Trust!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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