Arrow Decides Vigilante Can’t Sit At The Cool Kids Table, And Team Arrow Preps For 4 Show Crossover, Invasion!

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Our team of vigilantes come face-to-face with another Vigilante whose tactics show no mercy on Star Cities criminal elements.

Rather than pull him into the team, Oliver decides this new player’s murderous ways are too much of a wild card even for our heroes.

Our Vigilante even berates Arrow and team because he thinks they’re ineffective in saving Star city.

So our heroes lay a trap to catch the new Vigilante and right as Arrow goes to unmask him – a shock and explosion from the booby trapped mask allows the Vigilante to getaway.

This is classic comic book trick Batman uses to keep from getting unmasked. Love seeing it in Arrow!

Quick thought: didn’t DA Adrian Chase’s interrogation of the bank robber seem a little intense?

He was certainly rattled by that Tobias Church attack a couple of episodes ago and seemed to come around really quickly to the power of Arrow and his vigilante crew after they saved the precinct.

Is our new Vigilante’s identity right in front of us?

Our end of episode reveal was huge!

After getting Quentin into rehab, Thea goes to Oliver with the information that Quentin was being framed as Prometheus.

Oliver rightly guess that Prometheus must know his identity.

And what’s this? Evelyn’s meeting with… Prometheus?!

Has she been working with him the whole time? Did she provide him Oliver’s kill list?

If she’s been working with him before Tobias revealed Arrow secret identity, then this means Prometheus knew his secret a lot longer.

It also means the fight between Evelyn and Prometheus on the train last episode was staged… This is so crazy!

Up next though is the massive four show cross-over, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, Flash and Team Arrow as they battle an epic Alien invasion as the Dominator attempt to take over Earth.

You’re not going to want to miss the newest Arrow – Invasion!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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