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How small local businesses struggling during the coronavirus can find hope and come out stronger

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IRVING, TEXAS (KDAF) – When the coronavirus pandemic brought the U.S. and world economy to a halt, many businesses were forced to cut costs and start laying off workers. One of the first things to go on the chopping block for many businesses, especially for small and independent businesses, was the advertising budget.

It seems logical, but digital marketing guru Mitch West says that might not be the best place to cut. West is a Regional Director for Nexstar Media Group and has spent much of the crises helping local businesses navigate the uncertain waters of reaching their customers during the pandemic.

Central to his strategy is to keep in mind that this crisis, like others before it, will pass and to use this time to make sure you’re on solid footing when it does.

He references past economic slowdowns to make his point.

Kellogg’s kept advertising during the great depression and emerged as the #1 cereal brand. Toyota responded to the fuel crisis of the 1970s with efficient vehicles and is now one of the best selling car manufacturers. More recently, Amazon ramped up its efforts during the 2008 crisis and we now live in a world that’s unimaginable without the tech giant.

West also said to expect more relief from the federal government for smaller business and that there will be different ways you can qualify.

For more on digital marketing and strategy you can follow Mitch on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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