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Dr Madhab Paul on Great Majestic India: rays of hope for global peace-prosperity

Great Majestic India

Great Majestic India, rays of hope for global peace-prosperity!

Great Majestic India : rays of hope for global peace-prosperity

Dr. Madhab Paul, author of the book: "Great Majestic India, rays of hope for global peace-prosperity"

Dr. Madhab Paul

Dr. Madhab Paul is the Founder, Director & MD of MiTA. Innovation is the center pillar of MiTA: management, innovation & technology applications

This book, “Great Majestic India: rays of hope for global peace-prosperity” is not about glorifying India. It explores how India can help make Better New World.

The book, "Great Majestic India: rays of hope for global peace-prosperity" explores: "How India, the largest Democracy & 5th largest Global Economy, can help make better New World?" Buy now on Amazon”
— Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD
NEW DELHI - NEW YORK, INDIA - USA, November 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Great Majestic India : rays of hope for global peace-prosperity

The book, “Great Majestic India: rays of hope for global peace-prosperity” is not about glorifying India.

Being the world's largest democracy and the 5th largest global economy, what all India can do to accelerate global education, innovation, health, peace, and prosperity?

Come on, join in; let's explore more. Get your copy now!! https://www.amazon.com/author/madhabpaul
"Great Majestic India: rays of hope for global peace-prosperity" book is available on Amazon!!

Great Majestic India
The book is all about: How India (being the largest Federal Democracy of the world and 5th Largest Global Economy) can do to help make a Better New World. This book is part of the book series, "New Ideas at Work" in the new world order.

The book contains Key Concepts that can make India stronger and in turn India will be able to help the needy better. The concepts may contradict common knowledge. And the truth is: Common Knowledge changes as we explore, innovate and know more facts.

Let's explore a few key concepts from the book:

1. Often, Perception leads to future reality. Should we redefine "Perceptions, Geographical Categories, and Rename" to accelerate development and global peace-prosperity?

2. Should we inverse the Economic Dependency Theory because natural resources are becoming limited? Will the resource rich countries soon take control and set the "New Basic T&C" for global trade & investment negotiations in the New World?

3. Large young population is a great natural resource to capitalize with the new FTA T&C.

4. Per Capita Pie-slice, Increasing Pie Size & Freedom of Movement: why India need to set the precedence along with UK, while finalizing India-UK Free Trade Agreement for a better equitable world?

5. In today's Digital Global World, freedom is global and economic interests are international, no more bounded by country's boundary.

6. Redefine: Are South Asia & South East Asia “imaginary” geographically divided categories? Will the "BIMSTEC Economic Region" be the future regional development?

7. Sanskrit, Pali, Hindi, Bengali, UN Languages, and BIMSTEC Global University for Languages & Business: can language diplomacy integrate regional economy?

8. Kohinoor & English Language: which is more precious?

9. Intangible Asset, English Language: How many ways Indians can leverage English as an Indian intangible asset?

10. Does Commonwealth foster memories of colonization and induce "perceived" power imbalance?

11. How can India help to create a better equitable platform: Rays of Hope Organization for accelerating peace-prosperity? Will that be better?

12. Indian Federal Economic Diplomacy: Will India revisit golden history and restart sending Peace-Prosperity Envoys?

13. Global Respect & Self-reliance are intricately intertwined. Only and only, globally well-respected India can help transform “Indian neighborhood and beyond” into a progressive developed region.

14. Why does India need to set the New Rules to restrict the scope of re-export to minimize resource-flight?

15. Global Indian Governance Institute: Will India go global to protect the economic interests of India & 1.4 Billion Indians?

16. Country’s Sovereignty & International Commercial Arbitration: how are they interrelated?

17. UK, India & Global Business: How millions of Indian Lawyers, Tech, English Law and English can be utilized for the benefit of global businesses?

18. Political Enterprise, Power, Philanthropy, Money, Monopoly, Truth Decay & Virtual State: what future democracies will look like?

The important first step for any innovation towards success (and progress of humanity) is to “identify, define & review” the potential problems and search for the solutions well before the “now invisible or apparently small” problems cause great pains in the future. The purpose has always been to define apparently invisible Big Problems but the "issues & facts" may appear contrarian to common knowledge. And the fact is: Common Knowledge changes as we explore, innovate & know more.

Peace can bring prosperity. Health is wealth. Education enlightens minds. Change in Perception can change the future reality. Love is the source of creative energy. Celebrating Eternal Love & Life!!

Come on, let’s explore the New Ideas at Work that can make our communities a better place to live and thrive.

Welcome!! As we celebrate Life & Love, let’s have a look at the book, Great Majestic India : rays of hope for global peace-prosperity; and explore more!!

Dr. Madhab Paul : Website https://madhabpaul.com : Welcome to follow Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/madhabpaul

About Dr. Madhab Paul, the Generalist: the decades-long journey from being a ‘Specialist’ to a Generalist.

Dr. Madhab Paul loves writing his imaginations and well-researched ideas on critical topics lucidly, being complete and concise, so that everybody can understand quickly and easily. He is an engineer by education (PhD) & training, and entrepreneur by passion. He also studied law and management.

Since childhood, Dr. Madhab has keen interests in politics, technology, and social innovation. He had participated in active political campaigns in India while he was young.

Dr. Madhab spoke on tech, trade, business and social issues at events organized in many cities around the world. As an invited speaker, he spoke at International Investment Conferences and private business seminars held in many countries, including: India, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and UAE.

His books are on the topics of startup, strategy, business, branding, politics and economic diplomacy.
He believes in the words of world famous Nobel Laureate, Albert Einstein: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” 

Dr. Madhab Paul is the Founder, Director & Managing Director of MiTA Services Pte Ltd
Dr. Madhab Paul is also writing books on "Risks of Doing Business in Singapore" and "High Risk of Registering Company in Singapore for Startups" being a non-Singaporean (1example: Indian), get some idea: https://mita.substack.com/p/fintech-fatf-singaporean-risks-luther-95-theses

https://innovation.mitaservices.com : Innovation is the center pillar of MiTA: management, innovations, & technology applications. MiTA .. মিতা .. မိတ္တ .. मिता, excellence since 2009.

Great Majestic India : rays of hope
Come on! Join in, explore: Great Majestic India: rays of hope for global peace-prosperity!! Buy Now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BNB2DK1T

Welcome to follow Dr. Madhab on Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/madhabpaul

Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD
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