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DALLAS (KDAF) — Microsoft celebrates Black History Month 2022 with the return of its free interactive museum: The Legacy Project.

Now in its second year, “The Legacy Project” is a one-of-a-kind online museum that features the accomplishments and contributions of some groundbreaking leaders of color. The experience incorporates virtual tours from eight Black history museums and readings from more than twenty engaging books that celebrate the Black experience.

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K-12 students will once again have the opportunity to enjoy 28 days of learning with help from some of their favorite performers, social media influencers, sports heroes, and more.

Featured virtual tours spotlight achievements by such figures as actor Michael B. Jordan, sports legend Dwyane Wade, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, political leader Stacey Abrams, singer/songwriter John Legend, comedian Trevor Noah, and many others.

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“I’m incredibly proud of this year’s program because we get the privilege of exposing students all over the world to the importance of Black history,” says Shy Averett, senior manager of Microsoft’s Diversity & Inclusion Community Program. “Through The Legacy Project, we are showing them that Black history isn’t limited to the past. It’s alive and well, and they, too, play a part.”

Stories and achievements of recognizable figures in a wide variety of fields will be featured in galleries, according to the categories “Changemakers,” “Boss Moves,” “Entertainment,” “Sports,” “Tech and Innovation,” and “Youth.”

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In addition to “The Legacy Project’s” museum, available experiences will let students revisit some of history’s most pivotal moments and movements, such as:

  • A virtual walk along Greenwood Avenue to learn about Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Massacre
  • A look at Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid in South Africa
  • Rosa Parks’ role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, where she took a seat to take a stand
  • Exploring the continent of Africa at the Wonders of Africa Gallery

Microsoft’s award-winning, virtual experience is bigger and better this year, largely due to collaborations with Social Change Fund United, the Grammy Museum, the NFL and other sponsors. Available lessons and experiences also include much more.