Zeekr used last week’s 2023 Guangzhou auto show to debut its first sedan, the 007.

Zeekr is a premium EV brand from China with close links to Volvo and Polestar. It was established early this decade by Zhejiang Geely, the main shareholder of both Swedish brands, and currently offers the 001 compact hatchback, 009 minivan, and X compact crossover.

All of its vehicles, including the new 007, are based on Geely’s SEA modular EV platform. In the 007, the platform supports a dual-motor powertrain with silicon-carbide motors, plus an an 800-volt electrical system that enables a 10-80% charge in just 15 minutes using a suitable DC fast charger.

The battery capacity hasn’t been mentioned, but Zeekr said a range of over 400 miles will be possible in long-range grades. Zeekr also hasn’t mentioned a power output but said 0-62 mph acceleration in less than three seconds will be possible in some grades.

The 007 compact sedan measures 191 inches long, or about six inches more than a Tesla Model 3. Inside, the dash layout will be familiar to anyone who has sat in a Model 3. The dash features a digital gauge cluster in front of the driver and a large touchscreen display with a landscape orientation mounted on the center stack.

Zeekr said the 007 features multiple sensors, including a lidar unit, 12 cameras, and five radar sensors. These support the vehicle’s standard automated driver-assist feature known as Zeekr Pilot.

Further details will be announced closer to the 007’s market launch in China scheduled for early next year. Zeekr also operates in additional Asian countries and select European and Middle Eastern countries. There are currently no plans to bring the brand to the U.S., but there have been reports the brand may launch an IPO here.

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