I’m the Managing Editor for NewsFix. That’s a nice title for the guy who approves most of our stories before they go on the air. I also produce the weekly segments “The Real Thing?” which disproves fake news sites, and “Pothole of the Day.”

I’ve worked at television stations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Tyler, Lufkin and Sherman. I’ve primarily worked as a newscast producer, but in TV, we all do a little of everything.

Recent Articles
  • You’re Hired Job Fest set for Thursday

    Looking for a gig? Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has something in store for job seekers later this week! It’s the You’re Hired Job Best happening Thursday afternoon. The fair promises jobs in logistics warehouse, transportation, shipping and receiving, among others. You have to register to take part. Click here to register and to get the time and location.

  • DART fares are going up

    It’s gonna cost you a little more to DART around town starting Saturday. Dallas Area Rapid Transit is raising the single bus ride to $2.50. Day passes are going up to $6 locally and to $12 for the regional day pass. Other fares are going up, too, but some changes could help some riders. For instance, the two-hour passes are being replaced by AM and PM Passes.  If you buy one $3 pass before noon, you can ride as much […]

  • Pleasant Grove, Unpleasant Potholes

    DALLAS–the neighborhood is called Pleasant Grove. But some of the streets are far from pleasant. This week’s Pothole is on Buckner Boulevard at Stonehurst Street. Salvador Saverra says there are a lot of bad roads in Pleasant Grove. “There’s been a lot of accidents, I think, due to the fact that there’s a lot of bumpy roads,” he said. He’s had some encounters with the potholes. “I was driving there one time, it bent my rim on my tire,” he […]

  • Dallas neighbors join forces after couple attacked at gunpoint

    DALLAS–An attack on a couple in Oak Cliff certainly shook up the victims. “It’s not okay to say that it’s just Oak Cliff,” said Garrett Scharton. He and his wife were attacked at gunpoint as they walked their dog after midnight. “It’s not okay to say, well, it’s just Deep Ellum. It’s not okay to say it’s just this neighborhood or that neighborhood. It’s what kind of neighborhood you want, what kind of neighborhood you expect. And what are we […]

  • Blacked-out mural in Dallas honoring vets to be repainted

    DALLAS–It was a case of ‘Now you see it, now you don’t.’ But the mural that graced the outside of The Green Room in Deep Ellum for a little more than a month might be making a comeback. You saw it all first on NewsFix: back in April, some artists painted a mural to honor local vets. But it was gone by Independence Day. The company that owns the building painted over it. The company apologized and initially agreed to […]

  • Potholes plague Mesquite–Just ask these guys!

    MESQUITE–The sign tells you: Mesquite is a “Preserve America” community. But apparently that “spirit of preservation” doesn’t include the streets or our tires! Today’s pothole can really give you a jolt. It’s in Mesquite on Galloway Avenue at Highway 80. Kevin drives for a living so he knows all about the potholes in Mesquite. “I hit a pothole and had a flat,” he told NewsFix. Jeff hasn’t had it quite that bad. He drives in to Mesquite every day for […]

  • Cold Case Files: Michael Shield Killed in Dallas in 2004

    This story originally aired on WB33 News at Nine on September 8, 2006.  Some references in the story might be dated, but the murder of Michael Shield has never been solved.   If you have information that could help solve this Cold Case File, contact Dallas Police.

  • Amazon wants to help you start a business

    Have you had enough ridiculous meetings? Are you tired of working for “the man,” or maybe, “the woman?” You’ve dreamed about starting your own business, but you know it’ll cost a lot of money and you’ve got a lot of questions about how to start. Amazon is now offering to help. They’re helping people around the country start their own businesses that will deliver Amazon packages. “We’re really creating a program where we’ve negotiated exclusive discounts on assets and services […]

  • Man injured in Sachse strip mall shooting

    SACHSE–Police are investigating a shooting a suburban strip mall. It happened off highway 78 in Sachse. Cops say they found a victim who’d been shot. He was in the strip mall’s parking lot. He’s in stable condition in the hospital. Cops are questioning two people.

  • The Real Thing? Does a candidate for senate really want to “destroy” Social Security?

    If you wanna get people worked up, talk about messing with their Social Security. It comes up in political campaigns every few years, like in the one involving Florida Governor Rick Scott, who’s running for the U.S. Senate. “Yes, Rick Scott does want to destroy Social Security,” the headline on social media reads. It comes from a site called “Social Security Works,” and they claim the author is Bowser from Sha-Na-Na. But the site itself is kind of questionable. It […]

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