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  • Five Ways To Get Best Cyber Monday Deals

    It's the internet's favorite day to shop - Cyber Monday! And whether you're shopping from your couch, in bed, at work, or anywhere else, before you hit checkout on that cart, make sure you're getting the best deals possible and keeping your information safe.

  • Life Hacks: Ice Free Cars & Yolk Free Eggs

    It's the tips and tricks to make your life easier, in Life Hacks! This week we're helping you keep your car ice free and making your breakfast prep a little easier!

  • Life Hacks: Make Flowers Last Longer & Create Cute Heart-Shaped Eggs

    Valentine's Day is a day to show your loved ones how much you care for them. It's the worst when the flowers you buy them die so quickly! But not anymore! We've got a simple way to make them last longer and a super-cute way to show your love through your breakfast!

  • Life Hacks: Clean Your Microwave & Take Out The Trash The Easy Way

    Got a grimy microwave filled with caked on food? No problem! We've got an easy way to cut through the mess without using a lot of elbow grease! And if you've got trash bags that keep getting stuck in the can, we've got a fix for that too!

  • The Germiest Places Around You

    Spring weather is on its way, the earth’s coming alive, and even with allergies, people aren’t getting as sick as often as they were in the winter. But hold up, there’s still some germy things you need to look out for, especially when it comes to the grandparents and little ones.

  • Travel Tips To Make Your Spring Break Getaway The Best One Yet

    Spring Break is right around the corner and honestly it could not be better timing. If you're sick of the snow and cold and can't wait to skip town, listen up! We've got the low down on how to make your upcoming trip the best one yet!

  • What Not To Do With Your Tax Refund

    It's that time of year – Christmas for adults! Yes, it's right around now when many Americans start getting their tax refunds, but just because you're getting some cash back doesn't mean you're holding on to free money.

  • Little Caesar’s Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Taste Test

    Bacon is big right now, and Little Caesar's is hoping to cash in on the trend with their new bacon-wrapped pizza. But is it any good? We're putting it to the taste!

  • Why We Love Songs With Repetitive Lyrics

    Carly Rae Jepsen is back with her new song "I Really Like You". And we really like it! It's super catchy! Why? It might be because she says "really" 67 times in the song. Turns out repetition might the reason why some pop songs hit the top of the charts.

  • Life Hacks: Boost Your Phone’s Speakers & Turn Your Phone Into A Mouse

    Your phone is with you all day, every day, so why not use it to make your life easier? We've got one simple step that will boost the sound quality on your phone's speakers, and an easy way to turn your phone into a computer mouse!

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