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  • Why do we love scary movies?

    RICHARDSON– Horror fans will be happy as a clown this weekend to see the reincarnation of Stephen King’s classic “It.” Abel Preciadeo, who saw the movie Friday at Alamo Drafthouse gave it rave reviews. “Man, it brought back childhood horror experiences, man. I mean it was good.” Chelsea & Lewis Walker agreed, “It was awesome, really really good, ‘Lewis told NewsFix. “Yeah, it was great. it was better than you think it would be,” Chelsea said. The movie will be […]

  • Simon Says: Why North Korea should be scared to death you can’t kill a hurricane!  

    I think it’s easy to say we’re all exhausted when it comes to hurricanes. When a ‘Harvey’ or ‘Irma’ move in—there really goes the neighborhood. I want Kim Jong Un to listen to what I’m about to say. Trust me, it concerns him. Superman would have a tough time dealing with a hurricane. They are forces of nature that can’t be stopped. A lot of people have come up with what they think are “super” ideas to tear down a […]

  • Suspect in fatal shooting turns himself in to Dallas County Deputy Constable

    DALLAS – Cell phone cameras were rolling when 35-year-old Khalid Williams turned himself into police Tuesday. Williams is suspected  of being involved in a fatal shooting at an Oak Cliff bus stop Monday morning. One of the arresting officers, Deputy Constable Bryan Woodard, was contacted by Williams’ family so he could turn himself in. “Family members from the suspect got in touch with The Everyday Life of Deputy Bryan Woodard, which is my Facebook page,” Woodard told Newsfix. “So then the community […]

  • Cash donations needed to help Harvey victims

    GARLAND – When it comes to donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey, folks from across the nation have poured into the Lone Star state. “Coming from Florida, I’ve seen the after-effects of major hurricanes and how people suffer and that`s what touched me,” Daniel Foster from Tampa Florida said. Taylor Grey with Trusted World has been overwhelmed with the support. “People have arrived with truckloads, tractor-trailer loads of goods that they just wanted to donate,” Grey said. “I have seen […]

  • Simon Says: Here’s The Best Advice After ‘Harvey’ You Can’t Second Guess!

    Where do you start? Every word, adjective and expression has been used by someone else already so I won’t go there. I do know this: Houston is great city. It’s a part of me, and I have no doubt the “H” in H-Town won’t be connected to ‘Harvey’ one day. Nope, the ‘H” will stand for “Hero” because no one can second guess the character of everyone running things. But when it comes to second guessing, Harvey HAS brought out […]

  • Dallas Zoo offers free admission for Hurricane Harvey evacuees

    DALLAS — Those who have survived the floods are faced with the reality that their new reality has changed. “My family and I decided to go when we saw gas stations were running low on gas, water was running low in the grocery stores. We felt it was the best thing for us to do. My wife and I have a 1 and a half-year-old son and so we decided to leave.” Samer Elqutub said. Those evacuees who fled to […]

  • More Harvey evacuees arrive in Dallas, tell stories of those left behind

    DALLAS — The havoc Hurricane Harvey has caused in Houston and along the Texas coast has been devastating to many families. “We were not really prepared, so we just packed and left,” 12-year-old Lewis Banda said. He and his family from Dickinson Texas have been in Dallas since Friday trying to wait out the hurricane that has swamped much of their neighborhood. Tuesday morning they arrived at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, seeking help for their extended stay. […]

  • DFW preps for Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

    DALLAS — Hurricane Harvey has his eye on the Texas coast. With landfall expected overnight, folks from that part of the Lone Star State have started to head north away from the storm. “We are running from the power outages and flooding,” Chelsea Ruiz from Texas City said. “We just wanted to get out! We didn’t want our kids and animals without AC, electricity, and all the good stuff.” While some people are checking into hotels along I-45, others are […]

  • Simon Says:  Getting bad press? Call the troops!  

    There’s no doubt President Trump has had a bad few weeks. Although, as they say in tennis, it’s on him with all of those “unforced errors.” But did you see that speech recently about how he is considering changes to the troop levels in Afghanistan? Forget military strategy. This was a page from the strategy of distraction and deflection. It’s like that scene from the movie, “No Country for Old Men”.   Remember when Javier Bardem sets the car on fire […]

  • Quakecon shakes up Grapevine this weekend

    GRAPEVINE– Hundreds of people are expected at QuakeCon at the Gaylord Texan this weekend. Among the gamers, you can find tons of vendors showcasing the latest and greatest in gaming. Brian Jeffreys and his son Adam are part of Nonpareil, a non-profit group out of Plano that makes video games for PCs and mobile devices. What sets the company apart is its programmers. They’re adults with autism. “We’re so excited to be here at QuakeCon because NonPareil is a non-profit […]