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  • Tipsy Travels: Cheap, Safe Ways to Get Around New Year’s Eve

    DALLAS — 2017 is just about over and you know what that means — party time! “I’m going to a sick party at a loft in Deep Ellum,” said Isaac Esquibel of Dallas. “It’s going to be crazy. We’re going to have a jump house, a petting zoo, and fireworks. It’s going to be crazy!” Roberto Martinez enthusiastically added. Yeah, a lot of folks will be going crazy partying the night away on New Year’s Eve. So, if you find yourself […]

  • Can You Recite Twas the Night Before Christmas?

      Twas the night before Christmas in the Lone Star State, and the poem it’s named after is without a doubt a holiday great. But here at Newsfix we started to wonder, if you folks could recite the poem without a blunder.

  • Family Tied Together by Rare Disease Meet for the First Time

    THE COLONY —  Two families tied together by a rare genetic disease met for the first time Friday. “I was very excited,” said Penny Howard. Norberto Fischer and his wife Katiele Fischer felt the same way. “There are no words to express what happened inside us.” The disease, CDKL5, which causes multiple seizures a day. Penny Howard’s 5-year-old daughter Harper battled the rare disease her whole life. Harper’s folks were treating the seizures with  Real Scientific Hemp oil, and they […]

  • Dallas Bike Ride hopes to end the cycle of poverty

    DALLAS — You don’t have to go far to find someone living in poverty. The Census bureau says nearly 1 out of 4 people in Dallas are below the poverty line. “We opened our doors on January 6th, and our mission really is filling the gap of the kids of north Dallas high school,” Teresa Keenan with Incarnation House told NewsFix. “97% of them are in poverty.” They are trying to help a specific group: teens whose families are struggling […]

  • Allen Texas ranked among the best cities to live

    Allen– The saying goes, home is where the heart is. Well, according to the real estate brokerage company, single women who call Dallas home are in luck! The site ranks the “Big D” at number three for the best market for single women, only beating out by Kansas City and Cincinnati. It gets better! According to Money Magazine, those who call Allen home are in one of the top places to live in the country. “It didn’t surprise me […]

  • Binge watching can hurt your sleep, mental health

    DALLAS– Whether it’s an episode or two of “Game of Thrones” or a whole season of “Stranger Things,” binge watching can be addictive. But too much of a good thing can negatively affect your health. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says binge-watching can make you feel lonely and depressed. “Certainly when you watch a television show you’re feeling and experiencing everything that the character is, and there are surges of dopamine that go through your system,” Dr. David Henderson […]

  • Fall festivals brings bottles of fun to North Texas

    Those looking to get their drink on in the DFW are in luck this weekend! In Addison Oktoberfest is in full swing. “We’ve got great beer, we’ve got amazing food, fantastic music, but we’ve also got fun events,” said Mary Rosenbleeth with the Town of Addison. “German Idol with yodeling, we’ve got a spelling bee, we’ve got beer barrel rolling if you want to roll one of those big ol’ kegs and a variety of things going on.” And if […]

  • Simon Says: What the? It took an act of Congress to hate white supremacists?

    You can sleep better tonight. Really. Especially when you consider what happened in Washington this week. Both parties in Congress found a way to work together. You believe it? When does that happen? Republicans and Democrats put their differences aside and passed A Joint Resolution condemning what happened in Charlottesville with all those white supremacists. So, it literally took an act of Congress to let tell us Nazis are bad? I’m hoping we can get more cooperation in the future […]

  • Two-year-old travels from Kenya to Dallas for heart surgery

    FATE, Texas – In many ways, 2-year-old Ahmed from Nairobi, Kenya is just like any other toddler. But something sets him sets apart from other kids. Ahmed was born with a congenital heart defect which could shorten his life expectancy. Ahmed and his mother traveled nearly 9,000 miles to North Texas with the help of the non profit Heart Gift. They’re staying in the town of Fate, until he gets his surgery. As “fate” would have it, the mother from […]

  • Many commemorate 9/11 attacks with a day of service

    DALLAS — For years, many people have marked the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by working and giving back to their communities. That day has became known as the national day of service. “On September 11, 2002, a small group of 125 individuals decided to go out and serve in order to commemorate the lives that were lost and forever changed a year before, and we have kept up with that sentiment after all these years,” said Sejal Desai with […]

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