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  • TravelFix: Drew Sets Travel World Record!

    AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Remember that time Drew set his sights on getting into the record books? Well, he saw and conquered by setting the world record for visiting the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day. Drew joined us to break down just how he got it done! “We started at 5am and then we took trains to all these little villages in Germany and we’d check out the site and then we’d get a picture with the sign…” […]

  • NASA Launches ‘Space Poop’ Challenge to Solve Diaper Problem

    HOUSTON — While everyone is finally winding down from the mannequin challenge, NASA has issued a new challenge they hope takes its place on the throne — the porcelain throne to be exact. They’re calling it the Space Poop Challenge. You read correctly, NASA is looking for someone to invent bathroom and menstrual management systems for spacesuits. As of now, having to relieve yourself in outer space isn’t exactly ideal. Astronauts wear diapers and those are only good for a […]

  • Judge Drops Pimping Charges Against CEO

    DALLAS — The CEO of the Dallas based adult website may have just escaped through the legal backdoor. On Wednesday, a California judge threw out pimping charges against Carl Ferrer and two other former owners of the site. Back in October, state agents raided Backpage’s Dallas headquarters and arrested Ferrer based on allegations that adults and children had been forced into sex-trafficking via escort ads posted on the site. Prosecutors argued that the site, which has been described as an […]

  • Pizza May Soon be Falling from the Sky and Into Your Backyard

    NEW ZEALAND – It looks like the last domino has fallen in high tech pizza delivery, thanks to Domino’s. On Wednesday, a New Zealand couple became the first people in the world to have their pizza delivered by drone. Domino’s claims the pizza touched down after a flight of fewer than 5 minutes. The milestone comes just 3 months after Domino’s announced a partnership with a drone delivery service named Flirtey. The pizza company has been no stranger to embracing […]

  • Racist Fliers Found on SMU Campus

    DALLAS – On Monday the FBI reported that there’s been a six percent rise in hate crimes from the previous year. That figure may seem magnified due to recent alleged hate crimes that have happened since Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Now the issue has hit close to home. On Sunday night, a few anti-black fliers were found in a residence hall at SMU. One of the fliers was titled “Why white women shouldn`t date black men.” It included reasons such […]

  • Richard Branson Reveals Plans for Supersonic Passenger Planes

    LONG BEACH, CA – If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Richard Branson, it’s that he can’t go too long without making a headline. Last month, it was the groundbreaking of a new Virgin Hotel in Dallas. Now, Branson is focused on making sure that your flight to get to that hotel is as fast as possible. On Tuesday, the entrepreneur revealed a prototype for a passenger aircraft that travels at supersonic speed. It would be the first since the […]

  • Dirty Skies: Study Determines Dirtiest Areas of Airplane

    NATIONWIDE – Floating thousands of feet in the air can already be an intimidating prospect for some travelers. Thinking about all the germs that are floating around in the cabin can be just as scary. But what exactly are the dirtiest things on an airplane? If you’re going by “colony forming units” or CFUs, which measures the amount of bacteria per square inch, you might be surprised. Bathroom stall locks were the least germ infested on the list scoring a […]

  • Leaked Secrets: Hack of Adult FriendFinder One of the Largest Ever

    BOCA RATON, FL – Here’s another reminder that personal information you put on the internet may not always stay private. The latest breach involves the adult dating company FriendFinder Networks which had more than 412 million user accounts hacked. 300 million of those accounts are from Adult FriendFinder, an online dating service and swinger community website. The hack exposed sensitive information such as usernames, emails, join dates and the date of a user’s last visit going back 20 years. Data […]

  • Dude, Again?! Cowboy Randy Gregory Fails ANOTHER Drug Test

    FRISCO — Is Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory’s career up in smoke? That’s the question after he failed yet another drug test. Gregory was already serving a 10-game suspension for a previous failed drug test, now dude faces a year-long ban. The Cowboys used a second round pick on Gregory in the 2015 draft – even after he failed a drug test at the NFL combine earlier that year. Good thing the Cowboys are winning without him this season. When […]

  • Poo Wars: DFW’s Poo-Pourri Battles to be #1 of #2

    ADDISON — The fast food burger wars, the soft drink wars, and now —  there are the poo wars! There’s not too many things worse than when a bathroom war gets messy, but that’s what’s happening between bathroom hygiene companies Poo-Pourri and Squatty Potty. The pissing contest began with Squatty Potty’s ad, which features a unicorn and a nice smelling rainbow. Just hours later. Poo-Pourri unveiled an ad of their own on Facebook. The VP of Marketing of Poo-Pourri says […]

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