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  • TravelFix: The World’s Craziest McDonald’s Menus

    With exotic locations comes exotic cuisine, but sometimes, it’s good to get a taste of home while traveling abroad. In steps the Golden Arches. In this edition of Travel Fix, Drew Binksy takes on a tour around the world’s most interesting McDonald’s. “I’ve eaten McDonald’s in 52 countries as of right now,” Drew said. “Every time I eat at McDonald’s, it’s a cultural experience because you get to see the people that are in there. What’s most awesome about it […]

  • High School Kids Cook Up $2 Version of Martin Shkreli’s Drug

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Remember Martin Shkreli? You know, the guy who became public enemy #1 after hiking the price of a life-saving drug by more than 4,000%? Well, it looks like a group of high school kids in Australia are getting the last laugh. They recreated Daraprim, the exact same drug, for the cant beat price of $2! Not bad for a bunch of teenagers. The students spent around $15 to make 3.7 grams of the drug. That same amount […]

  • Audacity of Dope: Obama Supports Legalizing Weed

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Here’s reason number 420 on why President Obama supporters wish he could be elected to a third term. Obama says marijuana should be legal everywhere just like cigarettes and alcohol. In an “exit interview” with Rolling Stone, Obama made it clear that he discourages substance abuse of any kind but believes marijuana should be treated as a public health issue. Unfortunately, for all you “weed heads,” President-Elect Donald Trump appears ready to kill your high. He recently […]

  • U.S. to Forgive $108 BILLION in Student Loan Debt

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Your time in college creates a lifetime of memories and for some, a lifetime of debt. The Wall Street Journal reports the total amount of student loan debt in the U.S. totals $1.26 trillion but relief from that crushing debt appears to be on the way. The federal government is reportedly planning to forgive at least $108 billion in student debt in the coming years. It’s due to a sharp increase of students opting for income-based repayments […]

  • Tennessee Co-Workers Win $420 Million Powerball Jackpot

    DALLAS — Could you imagine what the heck you’d do if you won $420 million?! Well, 20 lucky co-workers in Tennessee don’t have to imagine. They matched all six numbers in Saturday’s $420 million Powerball jackpot! The group, now called the Tennessee-20, say they’ve been playing the lottery together for eight years. Well, it finally paid off BIG time. But it seems the rich life isn’t for everyone. Turns out, about $2 billion in lottery winnings go unclaimed every year, […]

  • NFL to Allow Players to Wear Specialized Cleats Starting Thursday

    NEW YORK, NY – Outside of showing support for breast cancer research or honoring the men and women of our military, the NFL doesn`t give teams and players much room to support causes that may be of importance to them. That was made perfectly clear earlier this season when the NFL told the Cowboys they couldn’t wear helmet stickers honoring the officers who were killed during the July 7 ambush in Dallas. But this week the NFL is changing its […]

  • Deer-livery: Domino’s Set to Deliver Pizza by Reindeer

    JAPAN – When it comes to delivering pizza, Domino’s has tried pretty much everything, using every technology from robots to drones. Now the company is looking to use a method that`s worked for Jolly Old Saint Nick for generations: reindeer. No, this isn’t the eggnog talking. Domino’s Japan is currently training reindeer that will pull sleds of pizza around the country during snowy weather. The idea is that the reindeer will be able to get around easier than workers on […]

  • Study Shows Texas is One of the Least Charitable States in U.S.

    DALLAS – This time of year is filled with days dedicated to buying; Black Friday and now Cyber Monday. But another holiday tradition has staked its claim on another day of the week. Giving Tuesday is entering its fifth year of celebrating charity during the holiday season. One of the local non-profits participating in the global celebration is the SPCA of Texas. Maura Davies, Vice President of communications for SPCA of Texas, is hoping to reap the benefits of another […]

  • Cowboys Cheerleaders Smokin’ Hot Swimsuit Calendar

    GRAPEVINE — We may be entering the colder months on the calendar, but the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are doing everything they can to keep it hot! Check out the new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2017 Swimsuit Calendar. “We are celebrating five formats of calendars that are published now. We photographed them in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico,” saod Kelli Finglass, Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It’s an exciting moment for the women who cheer on the boys in blue and silver. Three-year veteran […]

  • Man at Yellowstone Dies As Body Dissolves in Acidic Hot Pool

    YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WY – Yellowstone National Park is so beautiful, it’s enough to make your heart melt. And  if you’re not careful — it could melt every other part of your body too. Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to a young man by the name of Colin Scott who dissolved to death in what he thought was a relaxing hot spring. Turns out, it what was an extremely acidic geyser. Even more horrific, his sister caught it all on […]

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