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  • Taco Stop Offers ‘Leave a Coat, Take a Coat’ Rack for the Needy

    DALLAS – It’s freakin’ cold! And as meteorologist Kevin Roth’s been warning us, it’s only getting colder. That’s why a local business came up with a cool idea to keep people warm. Taco Stop in Dallas set up a coat rack with a sign that reads, “Are you cold? Take one. Do you want to help? Leave one.” “I was homeless once, so I know what it means to not have and need it,” Barbara Carr said. “Whoever came up […]

  • TravelFix: Drew Visits 5 Countries in 4 Days!

    You would think someone who just set a travel world record would want to kick back and relax for a while, but our buddy Drew had different plans. “I wanted to hit a couple new countries before coming back, so I was pretty ambitious. I went to five countries in four days.” Drew’s tour started in Malta, a small island just south of Italy. “It was pretty cool, there’s a lot of history there, a lot of battles in World […]

  • Designers Refused to Dress Ashley Graham for British Vogue Cover

    LONDON — Model Ashley Graham has broken a lot of barriers on her way to plus- sized super stardom but a recent photo shoot shows there’s still some barriers yet to be broken. Graham is the cover girl for the January edition of British Vogue — news that’s been met with much praise. What isn’t being praised are the fashion houses that reportedly refused to work with Graham on the photo shoot. The editor-in-chief of British Vogue wrote a letter […]

  • Attention Hog: San Francisco Debuts Country’s First Therapy Pig

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Usually when we think of pigs bringing us comfort it’s in the form of food like bacon but one pig is proving they don’t have to be served on a plate to put a smile on people’s faces. Meet LiLou, she’s the first known airport therapy pig in the U.S. San Francisco airport now has a therapy pig in a tutu #travel #airports #SanFrancisco @flysfo — flightSpeak (@flightspeak) December 7, 2016 Animal Assisted Therapy […]

  • 9-Year-Old Says He Was Fat-Shamed by Santa

    FOREST CITY, N.C. — A North Carolina mother says the local Santa Claus made her 9-year-old son cry, telling the child he needed to lay off hamburgers and fries, according to WLOS. It all happened on Saturday when the family went to visit Santa in Forest City. Anthony Mayse, 9, asked for an iPod Touch and a drone for Christmas when he was allegedly fat-shamed. “When he got done, he said, ‘Lay off the hamburgers and french fries,” Mayse told WLOS. “And that really just disrespected me, […]

  • Air Force None: Trump Takes Issue with Cost of New Plane

    NEW YORK, NY – Say what you want about President-Elect Donald Trump but one thing that`s been consistent on his path to the White House is that he’s done things his way. Now Trump is continuing in that mindset as he prepares to officially move into the oval office. On Tuesday he ridiculed Boeing for building a new Air Force One plane that he claims will cost $4 billion! Trump ended his tweet stating “Cancel order!” Boeing is building a […]

  • Uber Creepy: Ride-Sharing App to Track You 5 Minutes After Ride

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A recent update by Uber has people demanding the ride-sharing app tap its brakes. Uber will now collect users` location data from the time they request the trip until five minutes after the trip is completed. It understandably has some people just a little creeped out. Users can choose to opt out of the tracking feature but will then be unable to use any of the app`s location features, meaning you`d have to manually type in […]

  • New Amazon Store to Allow Shoppers to “Just Walk Out” with Merchandise

    SEATTLE, WA – Imagine being able to shop at a grocery store and leave without ever taking out your wallet or purse. No we’re not talking about stealing, we`re talking about technology, specifically Amazon. The company best known for their online store is now getting into the grocery store business. On Monday, Amazon released a video showing how their grocery store in Seattle will operate. It shows people simply grabbing items off the shelves and then walking out of the […]

  • Atlanta Father Sentenced to Life in Prison for Hot Car Murder of Toddler Son

    ATLANTA — A judge has sentenced suburban Atlanta father Justin Ross Harris to life in prison without parole for the murder of his 22-month-old son, Cooper, who died in 2014 after Harris left him in a hot car for seven hours while he went to work. Harris also received another 32 years, to be served consecutively, for convictions on four other counts. Harris, 36, who appeared in an orange jumpsuit with his wrists shackled at his waist, cast his head […]

  • Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight Killed: Shooter Released, No Charges

    NEW ORLEANS —  Why is the guy who shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight a free man?! That’s the big question circulating. Here’s how it went down. Ronald Gasser admitted to opening fire on McKnight during an apparent road rage incident in New Orleans Thursday. Police say McKnight didn’t even have a gun, but they let Gasser go anyway without pressing charges. Relatives of Ronald Gasser, accused Joe McKnight shooter, left speechless — (@NOLAnews) December […]

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