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  • Ted Cruz speaks out about billboard with old Trump Tweet

    MCKINNEY — The midterm elections are still about two months away and Senator Ted Cruz is not letting up off the gas as he tries to keep the Senate seat red. On Monday, crowds of Cruz supporters gathered during his rally in McKinney as he spoke on unemployment rates and repealing Obamacare. And though the crowd was cheering, some people are planning to put Cruz and President Trump on blast. Recently, social media correspondent Antonio Arellano, Claude Taylor, who served […]

  • Dog dies from bear attack trying to save owners

    ASHEVILLE, NC — There’s a reason we call dogs man’s best friend. These four-legged pets are some of the most loyal animals around. That is why one North Carolina family is so heartbroken after losing their little pooch to a bear attack. “I thought I was gonna die,” said dog owner Tiffany Merrill. Merrill was home when a bear broke in, threatening her and her kids’ lives. “I started yelling for my kids. ‘Shut your doors! Shut your doors! There’s a […]

  • A couple’s first date turns into a life or death situation

    SANTA CRUZ, CA — First dates are already nerve racking enough, but imagine having to save your date’s life while taking a stroll on the beach! Well that’s exactly what Dr. Andi Traynor had to do when she and Max Montgomery went on their first date. “I wasn’t thinking about anything other than taking care of him,” said Traynor. The couple had just finished surfing at a beach in Santa Cruz, California when suddenly Montgomery collapsed, suffering a heart attack. […]

  • People react to Roy Oliver’s 15 year sentence in Jordan Edwards’ murder

    DALLAS — On Wednesday the jury in the Roy Oliver trial decided on a 15 year sentence after Oliver was found guilty of murdering 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. And although 15 years behind bars may seem like a long time, for Jordan’s mother, 15 is not enough, and when asked what she would have been happy with, she had this to say. “25 to 30 Or more. He actually can see life after 15 years and that’s not enough because Jordan […]

  • Coppell volleyball coach reaches her 500th win!

    COPPELL — If you were an athlete in high school you probably have many memories, good and bad, about games, tournaments, and coaches. But for Coppell volleyball coach, Julie Price, she got the surprise of a lifetime after getting her 500th win on Tuesday. Price has lead the Coppell Cowgirl volleyball team to two championship wins in 2011 and 2012 and a number one ranking in 2012. Now the team and their parents felt it was time to show this […]

  • Fast restaurants try something new, from boots to Froot Loops

    SAN ANTONIO — When it comes to being innovative, fast food restaurants always push the envelope. One of those creative food chains is Whataburger. Last year the burger joint partnered with San Antonio creative artist Jake Danklefs for their WhataThoseContest where people could enter to win a pair of custom Whataburger sneakers. Danklefs first started creating custom sneakers in his home studio, but his business skyrocketed after he got a call from Lebron James to design a shoe for his […]

  • Cowboys fan furious over fake StubHub tickets

    DALLAS — Imagine buying tickets to hang out in a suite at AT&T Stadium only to end up in the nosebleeds. That’s exactly what Ricky Barrientes says happened to him and 23 of his friends after they unknowingly bought fake tickets from StubHub. The crew drove five hours from West Texas to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the Arizona Cardinals in style! Well, their dream quickly turned into a nightmare. “When we got there, we didn’t have a problem getting in […]

  • Doctors are prescribing more recess time for kids

    NORTH TEXAS — It seems like nowadays there’s medicine for everything! Whether it be for a constant migraine, stomach ache, or even a cure for having nightmares, you better believe there’s a prescription for it. So, it should come as no surprise that these days doctors are beginning to prescribe children more recess time at school. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 60 minutes of recess a day is an important part of developing social and problem solving […]

  • National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum moves to a new location in Fort Worth

    FORT WORTH — It’s never too late to start a new beginning, and that’s exactly what’s going on over at the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum. For nearly two decades the museum has called the same building in Fort Worth “home,” but that will soon change. “Right now our museum is in a residential area and being in the historic stockyards, there’s over two million people that visit the stockyards. We feel that we could probably get 10’s of thousands […]

  • Dallas, Fort Worth officers return to line of duty after being shot

    DALLAS — Dallas police are still trying to piece together how an undercover cop got shot, and a suspect was shot and killed. It all started around 5:20 am Friday morning on 4000 block of North Jim Miller Road. “As officers arrived there was plainclothes deployment officer nearby. That officer came upon two suspects. There were shots exchanged between the officer and at least one of those suspects,” said tactical support officer, Paul Stokes. “That officer was struck in the […]

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