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  • Louisiana mayor bans Nike products from recreation facilities

    NEW YORK, NY — It’s no secret that Nike has been more outspoken than ever these days. The mega sports retailer made Colin Kaepernick the face of their campaign,  and that sent people around the nation into a frenzy. Some people have even resulted to burning their already purchased Nike merchandise. A great night to burn Nike’s! — SkidooCarol (@skidoocrisco) September 7, 2018 Some businesses and even cities are also banning Nike product purchases. A leaked memo indicated mayor […]

  • Les Moonves is out at CBS after harassment allegations, corporate battle

    CBS chief executive Les Moonves is exiting the company, effective immediately, amid a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations. The announcement on Sunday evening ends his 20-year tenure atop one of the country’s most important media empires. It also concludes a months-long battle for control of CBS between Moonves and the company’s controlling shareholder, Shari Redstone. The CBS board is being reshaped, with six new directors, and Redstone is repeating her vow to consider new bids from potential buyers. The shakeup may […]

  • Locals get interactive with wedding planning as ‘The Knot Experience’ comes to Dallas

    DALLAS — Wedding bells were ringing on Sunday as planning experts from all over the DFW area came out to “The Knot Experience.” “Couple can come here, it’s the largest wedding planning installation in the US where you can really immerse yourself in The Knot’s all in one wedding planning experience from visions, to vendors, to guests, to gifts,” said The Knot’s digital editor, Ivy Jacobson. Jacobson says The Knot helps couples find out the style of wedding they want […]

  • Dallas woman creates online item renting service

    DALLAS — We all have old random things that we either don’t use or have forgotten about. So, one Dallas woman has created a system that just might be able to help you turn those old reliables into a little cash! It’s called Whimiy! “It stands for ‘what is mine is yours’,”  said Whimiy founder, Rhonda Harper. “It’s the very first, and only nationwide neighbor-to-neighbor, rental community. You can go on and upload items that you want to rent to […]

  • Dallas firefighter become finalist is Firehouse Chili Contest

    DALLAS — In Texas, there are a few things you just don’t mess with. Our cowboy boots. Our barbecue. And somewhere on that list is our state food, chili! So it should be obvious that a Dallas fireman is a finalist in the Hormel Foods’ America’s Best Firehouse Chili Contest. “Over the years the chili has evolved, and I have incorparated different flavors from the great state of Texas,” said firefighter and chili maker, Milton Williams. “I started to incorporate like […]

  • Private colleges offer to ‘price match’ the tuition of public schools

    NORTH TEXAS — We all love a good discount, right?! You’ve heard of getting the best deal when stores like Walmart will price match other stores. So what if you were able to bargain to get a lower price for college tuition? The Wall Street Journal reports private colleges like Atlanta’s Oglethorpe University are offering to “price match” the tuition of public state schools. And to compete with the University Of Pittsburgh and Penn State, Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania […]

  • Garland celebrates Labor Day with a Parade!

    GARLAND — Labor Day is here! Aside from the barbecue and parades, this is a time we take to celebrate working people all the around the nation. The U.S. Department of Labor says 2018 has been a year of record lows for unemployment in America. Sounds pretty good! Even President Trump took the time to spread a little Labor Day cheer, but not without a dig at past trade deals. Happy Labor Day! Our country is doing better than ever […]

  • Dallas woman donates kidney to her husband

    DALLAS — For one Dallas couple, calling them soul mates could be an understatement. For years Fred Pollard has had severe kidney problems. “It start when I was two years old, played little league baseball in the summer, kinda woke up one day started putting on a lot of weight and it just didn’t stop. I went to the doctor and come to find out it was fluid in my kidneys and it just all but quit I guess,” said […]

  • Fort Worth high school team ends 77-game losing streak!

    FORT WORTH — A Fort Worth high school football team was all smiles during Thursday night’s game. The season is just kicking off, so you know it’s not a championship or playoff game. No, Thursday’s win ended a 77-game losing streak for Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School. “I was a part of 10 of it and that was long enough, so I can’t imagine the community and the kids, what they feel like,” said coach Oscar Castillo. “The kids, they’re great […]

  • Mansfield segregated cemetery united after a separation fence is torn down

    MANSFIELD –Remnants of a time in American history where the nation was physically divided has come to an end for one Texas town. For over 50 years, a Mansfield Cemetery has been segregated by a fence, separating the mostly all-white Mansfield Cemetary from the all black Mansfield Community Cemetery. But now that fence no longer stands. “I knew the fence been here ever since I can remember,” said Bobby Jackson, who has family buried in the cemetery. “It means things […]

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