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  • Employees skipping out on lunch to avoid “Lunch Break Shaming”

    LOS ANGELES, CA — The panic…the anxiety…the mind numbing nervousness. What are we referring to you ask? Well these are some of the emotions that about 38 percent of American employees may feel when they take their lunch break. It’s called “lunch break shaming” when employees feel obligated to shorten their lunch time due to an unspoken criticism from bosses. According to a survey done by workplace product distributor, Tork, the disconnect in communication between employers and employees is the […]

  • Suspect arrested and charged with the murder of rapper XXXTentacion

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — A man has been arrested and charged with the murder of rapper XXXTentacion. The 20-year-old music artist, born Jahseh Onfroy, was gunned down on Monday as he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in Broward County, Florida. The man accused is 22-year-old Dedrick Williams. He was taken into custody on Wednesday. Williams was also charged with violating probation and operating a vehicle without a license. On Thursday, he made a court appearance where the judge ordered he […]

  • Dallas Sheriff’s Office increases traffic law enforcement as 4th of July draws near

    DALLAS — You better slow your roll this summer, because the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office says extra enforcement is hitting the streets over the next 3 days. “We’ll have some just general traffic guys trying to do speed enforcement and slow folks down, and seat belt and child restraint, as well as distracted driving,” SGT. Danny Plummer of the Dallas County Sheriff’S Office said. The goal is create a “fatal free” 4th of July. Last year the department unfortunately had to […]

  • Southlake whacky criminals caught stealing on camera

    SOUTHLAKE — When we think of thieves, we often think of someone who is cunning and discrete. But you have to admit, many of them have some downright strange strategies. Take this woman in Southlake. She’s been accused of stealing multiple laptops in plain sight from Costco by stuffing them in a diaper box. In the surveillance video, you’ll see the woman casually picking up eight boxed laptops and placing them in what is said to be the diaper box. […]

  • Viral picture of child in cage gets taken out of context on social media

    DALLAS — Some immigration activist are on the defense after a photo from a protest they held has been making its rounds on the internet. The problem? People believed this picture of a child crying in a cage was taken on the Texas border after the boy had been taken from his parents, but that’s just not true. The picture was actually taken at a demonstration. The activists were the brown berets, a community based organization. The photo, posted by […]

  • World Health Organization to declare ‘gaming disorder’ a mental health condition

    NORTH TEXAS — Parents, you may now have a reason to wrap up the controllers and stow away the video games for a while. The World Health Organization has said it will officially be declaring “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition. They are listing it under the International Classification of Diseases, otherwise known as ICD. “Gaming disorder” is classified by 3 characteristics: impaired control increased priority to gaming continued gaming despite negative consequences The announcement is not surprising since […]

  • Dallas could become ‘tent city’ for children separated from families with immigration policy

    DALLAS — An outcry all over the nation is growing, as more and more immigrant families face the possible reality of being separated. By August nearly 30,000 children could be separated from their parents. Because of this several places around the Metroplex are offering to become “tent cities.” “We offered to federal government for them to send children here and for us to help them and give them as much compassion and care as we possibly could,” Dallas County Judge Clay […]

  • Rapper XXXTentacion fatally shot in Florida

    BROWARD COUNTY, FL — Police are still looking for answers after rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed on Monday in Broward County, Florida. Authorities believe the 20-year-old music artist, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy, was murdered in an apparent robbery as he was leaving a motorcycle dealership. “He was approached by two armed suspects,” said Keyla Concepcion of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. “At least one of the suspects fired the weapon in what appears, at this point, to be […]

  • Dallas mother streams kidney transplant for daughter live on Facebook

    DALLAS — A mother’s work it never done, and that includes giving the gift of life. We usually hear this term when it comes to childbirth, but one North Texas mother is giving her daughter a second chance at life by donating her kidney. What makes this case different? It was streamed live on Facebook. Cut by cut, cameras were rolling as doctors at Methodist Dallas Medical Center completed the delicate procedure. Although this a beautiful gesture of a mother’s […]

  • Oncor hosts event in Dallas for young women interested in STEM careers

    DALLAS — As people continue to fight for certain social injustices all over the world, Oncor believes they are doing their part when it comes to getting more women into the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or, in short, STEM. The electric company hosted an event on Friday at their Dallas headquarters called, “Powerful Women at Oncor,” for young girls in grades 9th through 11th. The program’s goal is to encourage and inform those who are interested in […]