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  • American Sniper Trial: Chris Kyle’s Widow Takes Stand

    STEPHENVILLE, TX — American Sniper remains #1 on the big screen. And now, the real-life drama will unfold in the small town of Stephenville, TX where the American Sniper Murder Trial begins Wednesday morning. Chris Kyle‘s widow, Taya, will be among the first witnesses to take the stand. Eddie Ray Routh is accused of killing Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. A jury of 10 women and two men will decide his fate. WATCH LIVE NOW: Live Stream Eddie Ray Routh Trial […]

  • Craft Beer Biz Filling Up the U.S.

    DEEP ELLUM – Is it getting a lot tougher to make a decision on which six pack to pick up nowadays? Seriously, you probably find yourself wasting a lot of time trying to figure out which beer to grab at the grocery store. That’s because there’s been an explosion of breweries opening up across America. Yep, one and a half opening up every day in the U.S., with over 4,000 breweries total satisfying your beer buds. Deep Ellum Brewing Company, the first […]

  • You Won’t Believe What’s Being Made at Dallas Makerspace

    CARROLLTON — Creative minds unite at Dallas Makerspace.  A community of artists and engineers are creating some real cool ideas and bringing them to life with 3D printing, robotics, woodworking, CNC machining, pottery, and welding tools. They’re really isn’t any limit to what they can create.  Even famous musicians are paying big bucks for their creations.

  • ‘Motown: The Musical’ Brings Soulllllllllll to Fort Worth!

    FORT WORTH — There’s a lot of soul at the Bass Performance Hall this week. Oh yeah!  Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson. Is that enough soul for ya? “Motown: The Musical,” based on Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, has folks streaming in to shake and boogie to all the #1 hits his record studio produced. Dana Marie Ingraham, an SMU grad, stars as Mary Wilson from The Supremes, “The Motown legacy is very much a part of the fabric of […]

  • 5-Year-Old Harper Dies From Rare Disease, Fight for Cure Lives On

    THE COLONY — For Penny and Dustin Howard, the last few days have been a blur. “They’ve been pretty rough. It was a shock,” Dustin said. “We had no idea she wasn’t going to come home,” Penny said. 5-year-old Harper has been in and out of the hospital all her life, battling a rare disease called CDKL5. It’s a genetic disorder only 900 people in the world have ever been diagnosed with. Last week, they headed to the hospital with […]

  • Total Recall: Addison Tattoo Shop Implants High-Tech Chips in Your Hand

    ADDISON — At Skin Art Gallery in Addison, creating intricate body art takes a deft hand. But the gallery doesn’t stop with colorful tattoos, they offer something more.  Something skin deep. “The process itself is less than a second,” explains Ryan Mills, a Body Modification Artist at the gallery. “All I have to do is push the needle into the skin just like you would with an injection.” What Mills injects are high-tech chips. Okay, we’re not talking Total Recall […]

  • Marine Arrested in UNT Student’s Murder

    DENTON — Denton PD announced an arrest in the murder of UNT junior Sara Mutschlechner who was shot on New Year’s Day. Eric Jamal Johson, also known as Santana Sage, was arrested in Arizona on a military base. Turns out, he’s a Corporal in the Marine Corps. “What lead us to him was a combination of things. We had several different witnesses from the victims vehicle and obviously from the party. Some social media information that we had,” Denton PD […]

  • Denton Churches Receive Christmas Eve Bomb Threats

    DENTON — Someone’s really trying to a be a Grinch about Christmas in Denton. Denton Bible Church received a bomb threat on Monday in a letter telling them not to hold Christmas Eve service. And then on Tuesday, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church got a bomb threat against its Christmas Eve service. “Both letters were similar,” Denton Police Department Spokesman Shane Kizer said. “It was a short letter just a few sentences. There is no religious or social affiliation mentioned in […]

  • Collin County Sheriff Puts ‘In God We Trust’ Decals on Patrol Cars

    COLLIN COUNTY — Tis the season you hear a lot of talk about God. Collin County’s Sheriff Terry Box is celebrating his God by putting America’s motto. “In God We Trust,” on all the Sheriff Department’s vehicles. It’s something several fire, police and sheriff’s agencies in Texas have already done. “The sheriff decided to do the same thing,” Captain Jim Moody, Public Information Officer for Collin County Sheriff’s Department, said. “He is just reaffirming his beliefs and his values. It’s […]

  • 10-Year-Old Girl Gives ‘Thank You’ Notes to Denton County Deputies

    DENTON — At the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, Christmas came early. But it wasn’t Santa bearing gifts of seasonal joy. It was 10-year-old Savannah Solis. “Doing things like this are very nice, and it’s amazing to see their faces when you give them a thank you because they don’t get much,” Savannah said. Savannah already knows the best presents don’t come wrapped in shiny paper, “I’m thankful for them, and I’m praying for them.” On Monday, Savannah made the trip […]

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