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  • Driverless Cars Coming to Arlington

    ARLINGTON, TX – Think driverless vehicles are coming one day in the future? Well, that day has come.  This driverless vehicle rolled into Arlington. The Mayor of Arlington tells NewsFix, “I’m very excited about the technology because its going to reduce the cost of transportation and we are going to be safer.” Arlington is one of 6 cities taking a test ride. The vehicle uses lasers and GPS for guidance and it’s route can be fully programmed.  It can reach up […]

  • Mesquite police give Wilkinson Middle School kids a cool surprise

    MESQUITE–Police gave kids at Wilkinson Middle School a really cool surprise  Monday. Lt. Brian Parrish says “We want to give all the kids a snow cone, to thank them for their giving nature and we want to make sure they understand that we appreciate them.” Yeah, these kids and the faculty and staff at Wilkinson raised 11-grand to help teacher’s aide Kevin Mabone with medical expenses.  They even gave him a car. Kevin Mabone told them all he had prostate cancer. […]

  • Relationship Stats To Wig You Out On National Spouse Day

    Happy National spouses day! It’s a great day to show appreciation to your significant other, but a survey from National Today finds we have some secret beefs with each other. Here’s a stat that may raise an eyebrow: only 38% of women think their husbands ares sexy.  With more than half of the men saying the *same thing* about their brides. In the survey, more than half of spouses say they appreciate that their spouse’s work hard, and that their […]

  • Texas Teacher In Trouble For Pot Usage In Colorado

    EL PASO – Legal or not, some people really like to roll a joint. It’s legal in eight states for recreational use and in 20 other states for medicinal purposes. So you can just head off to one of those states, enjoy,  and come home, right? That’s what a teacher from El Paso thought when she went to Colorado, used some weed, then came back home.  She got nailed on a drug test. Maryam Roland thought since it was legal […]

  • Living Large: Texans Land on Fattest List

    We’ve heard it over and over. We’re overweight, as a nation and especially as a state. Nearly a third of us in Texas are considered obese. That makes us the tenth fattest state in the country. “These are alarming numbers,” said Marzia Prince, a nutrition expert. She says there’s a reason folks Texas and other southern states have grown so large. “It’s definitely the food,” she said.” “I mean, we live in a fast-paced society today.” So what do we […]

  • Another Deep Ellum Business Falls To What Owners Say Is Gentrification

    DALLAS –  New year, new place – cyberspace – for Deep Ellum’s newest victim, “Elluments.” The boutique’s been around for the last 5 years and is really popular. It was even just awarded the 2016 best vintage clothing award by the Dallas Observer. Owner Felicia Dunnican says big developers are closing out small businesses by jacking up the rent. She says “They’re pricing out small businesses that have been here who are loyal to the neighborhood and the integrity of […]

  • Bathroom Bill Could Cost Texas Billions In Lost Revenue

    DALLAS – The Texas bathroom bill hits center stage in Austin. Lt. Governer Dan Patrick is pushing a bill to require transgender people to use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate, but not everyone is behind it. Cece Cox, the CEO of the Resource Center says that this “is a devisive attempt to create legislation that is not necessary that would prevent transgender people from being able to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.” […]

  • Real-Life ‘Forrest Gump’ Running 100 Marathons for 100 Charities

    DALLAS — Forrest Gump ran just because he felt like it. But not KP Kelly. He’s running 100 marathons in 100 days for 100 different charities! Kelly started his trek in Los Angeles, went through Las Vegas, Scottsdale and El Paso. He’s in Dallas until January 8th. Then he’s onward to Austin, Houston, Alabama, Pensacola, Jacksonville and ending in Daytona Beach, Florida. NewsFix caught up with Kelly while in Dallas — no entourage, no fans, just him in the cold running to help […]

  • Live Stream Lets Parents Watch NICU Babies

    IRVING – Little angel Lila has been in the neonatal intensive care unit, otherwise known as “NICU” for five and a half weeks now and as much as she may have wanted to stay with her baby, her mom ended up having to go home before Lila, leaving her precious little one alone. While they may be physically away from each other, mommy can still keep a close eye on everything that’s going on at the hospital, thanks to webcams […]

  • McKinney Pool Party Lawsuit Jumps Up To $5 Million

    MCKINNEY, TX – It`s the body slam seen around the world.  Back in June of 2015 a McKinney cop was caught on camera rough-handling 14-year old Dajerria becton. The cop, Eric Casebolt also pulled his guns on a couple of kids while answering a call about a disturbance at a pool party. Casebolt resigned from the force, but he was not charged in the case. That didn’t get the city of McKinney off the hook. Dajerria asked the city for 2.5 million […]

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